Mix Of The Week: Sherman De Vries

Amazing Deep House Mix 2023

Delving into the heart of electronic music, this week’s spotlight shines on the Dutch composer, mixing/mastering engineer, and record producer Sherman de Vries.

Known for his versatility and impactful contributions in various music genres, Sherman has taken a deep dive into Deep House, captivating audiences with his rhythmic beats and soulful melodies.

Sherman’s journey in music is a testament to his relentless drive and passion. From his early days creating jingles and voiceovers to pursuing a formal education in music, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of his craft. His tracks resonate with a deep understanding of musicality, each composition more immersive than the last.

In 2020, Sherman turned his sights to Deep House, marking a new chapter in his illustrious career. His foray into the genre was met with immediate success, evident from over 6 million Spotify streams in just a year. His discography boasts releases on prestigious labels, showcasing his ability to blend infectious beats with an emotive depth that is signature to Deep House.

This week, Sherman de Vries takes over the 239th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, promising an auditory journey through his latest and greatest Deep House tracks. Expect to be enthralled by a series of collaborations and solo productions that exemplify why Sherman is a revered figure in the electronic music scene.

Tracklist Highlights:

  • “You Got The Keys” and “Hide and Seek” reveal the intricate layers of Sherman’s production skills, setting the tone for a mix that’s both energizing and introspective.
  • “Love You Like A Love Song” and “Where have you been” showcase his ability to craft tracks that resonate on a deep emotional level, perfect for the reflective nature of Deep House.
  • Collaborations with artists like REVERSE, Navaro, and Cay Hill in “Delete My Number,” “Runnin,” and “Going Back” highlight his dynamic approach to music, bringing diverse influences and fresh sounds to the mix.

Full tracklist

00:00 Sherman de Vries x Navaro x Alicia Jhulissa – You Got The Keys
02:58 Sherman de Vries x Navaro x Sam Redina – Hide and Seek
05:21 Navaro x Sherman de Vries x Taylor Mosley – Love You Like A Love Song
07:46 Sherman de Vries – Where have you been
10:10 Sherman de Vries x New Beat Order x Veronica Bravo – Again
12:18 Sherman de Vries x Shereen – Monsters
14:41 REVERSE x Sherman de Vries x Sam Rendina – Delete My Number
17:30 REVERSE x Sherman de Vries ft. Tropical Spaces – Runnin
19:48 REVERSE x Sherman de Vries x Kelli-Leigh – Show Me
22:20 Sherman de Vries x REVERSE x Cay Hill – Going Back
24:53 Sherman de Vries x Cay Hill – Addicted to pain
27:09 Sherman de Vries x Navaro x Brenda Mullen – Closer


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