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As part of our 9 Years Of T.H.E celebration features, G3MINI reveals 9 most influential artists and producers who have helped shape their sound.

Timbaland – It may seem strange that we as EDM artists decided to put even three different hip-hop artists and producers to our very top of the list. But as most of our fans and listeners could have already predicted from our monthly podcasts “G3MIX” and the remixes and covers we constantly make, American hip-hop culture has largely influenced our music. We always try to combine hip-hop with dance music and convey that emotion and seriousness of sound. We can say that everything started back in the early 00s when we first time heard Timothy Zachary Mosley “Timbaland” production with his extremely deep attention to every single detail of his sound. Timbaland is one of our favourite record producers of all time. Songs written and produced by him, such as Bubba Sparxxx – Ugly, Tweet feat. Missy Elliott ‎– Oops, Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On and later his multiple “Shock Value” albums affect our creation to this day.

The Neptunes – How readers could already understand from our first place, the second place goes again to one of our favourite musicians and record producers of all time from the same very magical place for music – Virginia Beach, Virginia, US. They are Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – “The Neptunes”. Every time we start working on a new track, we go to listen to their old beats and that keeps us more focused on tight sounding drums and bass. To this day, these guys help us to create a more interesting arrangement of these instrument groups that even works in dance music.

Scott Storch – Melodies, melodies and melodies first come to our mind when we think about this legendary keyboardist and record producer Scott Storch. Like the next producer on our list, they both greatly influenced our melodicity and inspired us to write more memorable chord progression compositions. We can’t imagine growing up without Scott’s absolute hit records made for “Dr. Dre”, “Busta Rhymes”, “Eve” and many others. 

Avicii – He was one of the responsible artists that influenced us to get into the music production. He kindly shared his passion for music production by posting “In the studio” videos online, which inspired many fans worldwide to go and pursue the career in the music industry, we can truly say we are one of them! One of the key things in his productions is his wonderful, uplifting melodies, that were truly unique and inspired us to go into more complex melodic music composition approach. Not only he has inspired us to create music he also showed us the dark side of the music industry and the importance of the mental and physical health of nowadays EDM artists.

Eric Prydz – He was one of the first electronic music producers that took our attention to EDM with his 2004 hit song “Call On Me” which at that time sounded like nothing else before. Other notable songs and remixes that we loved so much, includes “Pjanoo”, “Every Day”, “Opus”, “A Bit Patchy” remix and many others. His passion for an outstanding live performances and detail to every single visual element is something that we learned early on in our career and we are looking forward to implementing something very similar in our future shows.

Calvin Harris – First of all, we love his style, which is a distinctive blend of classic synth pop, house and disco with a hint of modern EDM. The most favourite part of his productions is his meaningful and interesting lyrical content, which always works very well with his melodies. There’s always a deep story behind it that everyone can relate to, that probably explains why he is so successful in his career.

Disclosure – A phrase best describing their sound is the one that touches your soul! We love that they have combined the best bits from Jazz, Soul and RnB with the deepest FM Basslines, soulful synth pads and solid drum grooves from the UK Garage. You hear a lot of these elements in our songs.

Don Diablo – The godfather of future house! His attention to detail is simply astonishing, especially in his cutting-edge sound design. We truly admire his approach to the sound synthesis to create “biting”, futuristic sonic characteristics. He has inspired us to watch out for more than just traditional electronic sounds, which has helped to shape our sound a lot.

Meduza – We love the simplicity of their music. The tracks have a very minimalistic rhythmic patterns, which doesn’t overwhelm the listener. That reminds us that less is more. G3MINI also love the deep atmosphere and intimate emotion they create. We are led by emotions and that is really a core of our productions.



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