New Release: David Forbes – The Revert EP [Vandit Records]


Welcome back to VANDIT Mr. Forbes… it’s been way too long! 5 years to be exact since the ex-Public Domain’er and leading light of the Scottish trance scene graced the label’s discography with the box-fresh euphoric synthery of ‘Conetic’. FFWD half a decade and with the ‘Revert EP’ David’s spread his stylistic wings some and, trident-like, pointing not one, but three different trance tracks (and tones) at the dancefloor.

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The David Forbes/VANDIT connection stretches back much further than ‘Conetic’ of course. It started at some of the earliest points in both his and the label’s histories, with the VANDIT release of his breakout track ‘Questions Must Be Asked’. 15 years on and he’s still producing and delivering some of the best trance music money can buy… and here comes another three of ‘em!

The classic summertime goosebump generator, ‘Revert’ has cool sun-tipped trance progressive flow, thermal bass, big, lifty calling riffs and echoing female harmonies. If there’s such a thing as ‘too much feel-good’, well this is probably it!

Flipping the EP’s frequency knob ‘Polaroid’ dials-up some distortion-heavy tough-trance fare. Heavy kicks, plenty of mod-wheel-mania, upward projecting pitch and a final steely tech lick to the riff ensures that floor-side the job’s truly getting done!

Speeding break-beats open the ‘Revert EP’s final tonal dimension. Up-tempo and up-tone, the elevating riffs and running bass notes of ‘Locations’ form a clubfloor-ready platform over which David slides an super-energizing euphoric lead-line at its vital end-of-break moment.

3 different tracks. 3 different times of the night. DJs: choose your weapon and do battle!


01: Revert

02: Polaroid

03: Locations

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