#News: Afrojack takes to Instagram to share Snoop Dogg collaboration as first album teaser!


Afrojack takes to Instagram to tease the first of many anticipated collaborations from his upcoming album.

Back in November, Afrojack and Snoop Dogg buddied up in Amsterdam during MTV’s EMAs. Now, seemingly ready to begin unloading his new material, Afrojack is giving a sneak peak into their collaboration as the first album teaser. Both sides had united in 2011 for David Guetta’s “Sweat,” and their latest strikes familiar with Snoop Dogg contributing with a lyrical hook. The production strays from the pop-savvy likeness of lead and follow-up singles “The Spark” and “Ten Feet Tall,” leaning towards Afrojack’s dutch electro and stage sound. What sounds likely to be titled “Dynamite,” the Snoop Dogg collaboration hardly makes the shortlist of Nick’s most anticipated, as fans await work with Sting, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

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