12 Electronic Dance Music terms that make you cool on Instagram

Electronic Dance Music terms

You love music and especially Electronic Dance Music? But, you do not know how to talk like the the musical enthusiasts on Instagram or at festivals? Well, don’t feel out of place as, we have just the list of Electronic Dance Music terms for you.

These terms will make you feel like you belong within the realm of all the cool musical enthusiasts on Instagram and at festivals. These have been coined by the experts themselves – EDM.com

Aux cord (noun) –  A wire that your country music friends are not allowed to touch.

Bitcoin (noun) – Real-life video game currency, your favorite DJ probably has a bunch of it. This term is one of the most trending words since, Choon launched it’s monetized playlists.

Black (noun) – Your entire wardrobe must be exclusively this color if you want to be part of the #industryAF. Black tights with a black top with neon shoes always make for a funky attire at any festival.

Bro (adjective) – The worst possible insult in the EDM world, if someone describes you as “bro-like” reconsider your life decisions. Well, bro could also be friendly according to the Urban dictionary, just make sure to set the right context.

Crowd (noun) – A gathering of sweaty, shirtless men who like to bump into you and spill your drink, which will take place more than once if you are at a crowded festival.

Guitar (noun) – Historians say that people played these devices before Ableton was invented. If you don’t know what that is, Ableton Live is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for macOS and Windows which was launched on 6th February 2018.

Lit (adjective) – When you’ve had one too many $12 beers at a festival and you make Instagram stories, with the LIT emoticon in all your stories.

Molly (noun) – A girl who is somehow missing at every show we attend. It seems like every time we go to a show someone asks me for help finding their friend Molly. You should not go finding her alone.

Mosh Pit (noun) – a bunch of bros pushing each other to the sounds of progressive house. This could be fun to try on your next festival visit.

Rick and Morty (noun) – The only TV show festival-goers watch. What is that you ask? It is a show that takes you on the adventures of a sociopathic scientist, Rick along with his grandchildren Morty and Summer.

Vape pen (noun) – Totally sick machines for totally sick people to make totally sick clouds with. You should not try this at home.

Wook Flu (noun) – An unavoidable illness everyone will experience after a music festival. This is usually caused by the combination of our bodies immune system being word down and dull, after partying and dancing and being exposed to some bacteria on the festival grounds. Always stay clean and use a lot of hand sanitizer.

These electronic dance music terms should help you turn into a pro to have a conversation at festivals and to post quirky posts with your festival images on Instagram. We would love to hear stories on how you used any of these keywords for the first time. And if you’re looking to build a strong community, here’s how you can purchase followers.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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