Top 10 DJ online stores you need to shop at!

DJ online stores

It’s almost time for the summer and you know what that means? Shopping! So, in build-up of your summer spending spree we thought we’d showcase some of the best apparel and merch from the top 10 DJ Online stores you should definitely know about!


From clothing to perfumes to books, Hardwell’s online store has it all! The former #1 DJ has one of the largest fan followings in the world and it’s no surprise that Hardwell merchandise is high in demand. Ranging from €20-€100, Hardwell’s store will leave a hole in your pockets for sure, but will be worth it ;)

Check out Hardwell’s online store! Additionally, you may wanna check out the Revealed Recordings store too for clothing by some of the other artists on the roster.


Diplo’s store is more of the seasonal kind, with a few staple designs always in store. Focusing mainly on clothing and accessories, Diplo’s online store is the only store you can grab the signature ‘Diplo’s tattoos’ shirt. It’s essentials a long sleeve shirt with every single tattoo that’s on the DJs body, on the tee in the same spot. Prices start off at around $35.

dj online stores

dj online stores

Check out Diplo’s online store!


Kygo – Norway’s second most popular export (after it’s salmon of course), has his very own store too. What’s unique about Kygo’s shop is that he not only sells apparel but also music gear including headphones, speakers and the Kygo sound app! Of course, you can also get your signature Kygo hoodies and Cloud Nine tees too. Prices vary from $20 for a tee to $250 for a jacket (yea, that’s expensive).

DJ Online stores

Check out Kygo’s online store!

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix’s online store has a lot more variety in comparison to his peers. To start off, his store is the only one selling socks (€15 for a 2-pack pair). Of course you can get your tees, iPhone covers and Garrix logo flags too if you want to. Garrix even sells kids apparel in case you want to dress up the little one. Check out this €40 iPhone cover:

dj online stores

Head over to Garrix’s online store now!


Zedd’s online store is called ‘Zedd Lifestyle’ and you can find a ton of Zedd merch there. From tees to water bottles and even tote bags, it’s got a lot. Here’s the DJ posing with one of his own flags!

The prices here are fairly reasonable compared to the others. Head over to the Zedd Lifestyle store now!


The reason you’ve forgotten the real spelling of marshmallow, Marshmello has been all over the radio in 2017 and even 2018 with his latest music. Goes without saying the signature Marshmello logo is a popular one among the fans and the cost of having it on a t-shirt? Well, might as well check it out for yourself on his online store. Our favourite product from the store? This cool ‘mellogang‘ long-sleeve tee!

dj online stores

Head over to the store right now!


Deadmau5’ logo is one of the most recognized logos in electronic music. You bet it costs a lot to have a t-shirt with his work on it. From hoodies and tees to caps, toys, keychains and posters the deadmau5 online store is a fun place to be if you’re a mau5 fan. Just have a look at this cube jacket retailing at $75.

dj online stores

dj online stores

Get your deadmau5 merch from his online store now!


Afrojack’s known to perform wearing his signature G-Star Raw tees. With one of the widest range of apparel, Afrojack’s G-Star Raw clothing line store is one of the places to shop for tees, shoes, trunks and everything in the middle.

dj online stores

Check out the whole catalogue here.

Don Diablo

Don Diablo’s been very successful in merging his clothing line with his label’s. Essentially cos he only wears Hexagon branded clothing in public. Seriously, has the guy ever worn a nike tee in his life? Anyway, if you wana get your hands on some really cool designs, head down to the Hexagon online store now! Cos anytime is shopping time right?

dj online stores

Steve Aoki

Another DJ to embody his brand is Steve Aoki. The DJ has very successfully partnered with several brand over the years and now has his own clothing line. Warning: Aoki’s store is probably the MOST EXPENSIVE of all the store’s we’ve covered today. Be ready to shell out over $100 on a signature collection tee and about $250 for a pair of ripped jeans. Just check out this Steve Aoki x Feggy Min long sleeve hoodie tee:

dj online stores

Head down to the Dim Mak online store if you’ve got the cash and the taste for some Aoki fashion!

There you have it, 10 different DJ Online Stores for you to splurge your cash at. Feel free to contact us for a list of more stores if you have any money left at the end of this.

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  1. The + and x of Martin Garrix appeal to me a ton. I also like funky clothes once ina while too. I have been following new artists. DVRKO has a look that is like, dystopian future punk scifi. I pretty much love it. I want to wear that style but there are not enough days in Halloween lol.


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