How To Find New EDM Music

how to find new edm music

Music discovery has been the center of dance music since the disco era.

How To Find New EDM Music

Whatever way people discover new music, whether it’s through radio, vinyl digging, or live recordings, there’s always something new to discover.

Things have changed since then, however. The days of sharing cassettes, exchanging CDs, and exchanging vinyl are over. There is a huge amount of dance music released daily in the digital world, and finding the right perfect tune may be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Do not worry though, we have you covered. The next time your dancing bones itch, check out these new ways to discover EDM music:

1. Radio Shows

You might think radios are dead, but you’re wrong. Since the conversion to online radio, radio has become more popular than ever. A radio show does not have to be broadcast on a specific frequency anymore. It’s all on the internet. In order to run multiple shows on traditional radio, they have moved to online radio where you can discover and listen to new music through genre-specific shows.

As well as dance music labels, they have their own radio shows such as Armin Van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance’, Above & Beyond’s ‘Group Therapy’, BBC Radio 1’s DJ mixes, and iHeartRadio.

They have all become so unique and deep that you will not be able to choose just one tune to repeat!

2. Tik-Tok and Instagram Reels

These platforms have become by far the biggest place for music discovery. They are the ones to break the time barrier and they are the deciders of whats trending and what will trend. From mash-ups to edits and covers, both platforms have changed the way people consume music and have always provided them with something new to listen to.

The most notable examples are ‘Runaway’ by Aurora and ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals becoming a major hit. Due to its easy synchronization with videos, house music has also seen a rise in popularity.

3. Reposting Channels

On YouTube, reposting channels has become one of the biggest games. The popularity of YouTube channels like Trap Nation, Track City, Groove Basement, Mr.Revillz, Electro Posé, Chill Masters, etc has led some of them to become labels and even have their own radio shows.

From a simple idea of uploading music to YouTube, the idea has grown so large that Youtube has launched a streaming-only music application called Youtube Music. As a result of these channels, we have been exposed to new forms of dance music and artists.

A good example is No Copyright Sounds introducing Alan Walker to the world.

4. Playlists

Nowadays, playlists have become hugely popular. Often, playlists are the best way to discover new music because they get more followers and listeners than any other method.

Playlists have gained popularity due to the algorithms of streaming platforms. Simply follow a playlist, hit 2-3 likes on the track of your preference, and you’ll receive recommendations and auto-shuffled music that suits your tastes

A few examples include Spotify’s Pop Rising, New Music Fridays, This is (Artist Series), and Spotify’s individual artist radios where you can listen to music from similar artists to the one you are listening to.

Discovering new music has become easier thanks to playlists.

5. Discord, Twitch, Private Subscriptions and other social platforms.

Streaming apps and radios are no longer the only ways to listen to music. Artists can now showcase their work on sites like Discord and Twitch. There has always been something more to dance music than what is already available, whether it is a Discord chatroom or a Twitch live stream.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unreleased music, a work in progress, or a bootleg/mashup, these platforms have become hubs for discovering all sorts of music.

Now thats you know were to find he best of dance music, don’t just sit there go ahead and find the perfect tune to dance the day away!

Shantanu Gursal


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