Sounds Of Jackpot: How Music Can Influence Your Gambling Decisions

impact of music on casino gaming decisions

Music is an essential part of any casino experience.

It may play in the background, or you may experience the sounds of rolling dice, spinning roulette wheels, or even a dealer’s speech. Music can significantly impact the players’ mood, the way they make decisions, the time they spend playing, and more.

That is why both land-based and online casinos actively use this element to attract clients and keep active players engaged. Depending on the game type, it can relax you (like blues or jazz) or, vice versa, stimulate you, increasing the anticipation (for example, when you trigger a bonus round or on your way to hit the jackpot).

Another vivid example is the mixing of FS bonuses with soft soundtracks that give you a pleasant feeling of an upcoming “magical” experience. This sets gamblers up to continue playing but on more favorable conditions and, of course, to expect a big win.

The Psychology of Music in Gaming

It is not a secret that music can impact gambling behavior and habits. For example, many casinos use the following trick: when you decide to take a break from gambling, providers incorporate sounds used in games for their advertising. It helps players to recollect their experiences and keep gambling.

As for background music, it serves not only entertaining purposes. It also impacts the decision-making process and how quickly we do specific actions. This has been proven in many studies, including “An empirical investigation of music and gambling behavior” (2007), “A walk on the wild side: the impact of music on risk-taking likelihood” (2017).

In works, it was investigated that, for example, the sound of coins jingling makes all participants feel satisfied. Sounds can easily stimulate you to make specific in-game actions and keep you engaged. For example, if you experience a losing streak, many games use encouraging music so you do not leave immediately but keep playing hard.

Genre Breakdown and Player Engagement

Various music genres can have different impacts on a player’s mood and the decision-making process. Among the most popular genres used in casinos are the following.

Classical. As a rule, it is a calm music that is used in different skill-based games to bring you feelings of elitism, sophistication, and connection with something special. It is often used during poker tournaments, especially regarding big stakes.

Jazz. Casinos use jazz music to keep players relaxed but at the same time focused. You can experience this genre used in Blackjack or Poker games. Thanks to the unique tempo, players are not distracted from the gameplay.

Pop. This music genre may significantly contribute to the creation of a laid-back atmosphere. Often, there are easy, catchy, and well-known tracks that help you relax and have fun. Thus, casinos implement it in various slot games.

Rock. It is very energetic and upbeat music that you can rarely experience at casinos. Mostly, it is appropriate for slots that are often very loud so you do not get distracted.

Electronic. This genre is mostly used in slots when it is important to create a magical, hypnotic environment. Such sounds help you delve deeper into the gameplay and keep playing even when you experience losses.

An example of using high-energy pop music at casinos may be “I Gotta Feeling” or “Dark Horse” which starts playing when you trigger a free spoon bonus. It encourages you to prepare for the fun you can have without paying extra money.

impact of music on casino gaming decisions

Music Genres and Target Demographics

Often, casinos target their audiences with different music genres. For example, there may be Mariachi music to target players from the Mexican region or rock when a casino wants to attract USA-based gamblers.

The same works for different demographic groups. For example, slots are popular among younger audiences who are mostly fond of high-energetic pop, rock, and electronic music. At the same time, the middle-aged and older audience is more interested in skill-based games like Blackjack or Poker.

Also, this age category prefers more calm music like soft jazz, rock ballads, or classics. Casinos also use these specifics to advertise free spins promotions. After analyzing the predominant age group across their audiences, they select which music genre to tailor to promo deals.

At the same time, they choose the most popular track that most people know. It must be encouraging so that the pleasant feelings of listening could merge with the anticipation of big wins.

Case Studies: Successful Music-Driven Promotions

There are many examples where free spins (as well as other bonuses) promotions are tailored to specific games. For example, this approach is used in the funky art-style “Jimi Hendrix” slot powered by NetEnt which can be found at revolut casino.

Another example is Encore Free Spins, which you can experience while playing Guns N’ Roses by the same software provider. But in this case, this promo is tailored to more energetic and upbeat music that the band plays.

It is quite natural that these games are played by connoisseurs of the corresponding music or particular bands’ fans. They will be more willing to use the promo when they hear the pleasing and catchy motives associated with it. In the long run, this strategy makes players return and play their favorite games again. But in this case, they will be more willing to play with their money.


Undoubtedly, music is one of the crucial aspects of gambling for both casino providers and players. It can directly impact decision-making, tune players to the right mood, or even encourage them when they face a losing streak.

That is why casino providers spend big money on the analysis of their audience, which includes not only playing patterns but also music tastes and preferences. Depending on the particular game categories, casinos implement various music genres.

For example, you can often hear sophisticated and relaxing jazz during poker tournaments or highly energetic pop while you trigger spins in a slot game. Music also takes a special place in casino FS bonus marketing campaigns.

These promo deals are quite appealing themselves. But this appeal rises sky-high when promos are tailored to your favorite track. This strategy is aimed at long-term goals because an anchored player is more likely to return and keep playing, but this time after making a real money deposit.


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