Is It Really As Easy To Promote Your Music On Spotify As They Say It Is?

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Every year Spotify invests millions into research and development for their artists, providing valuable tools such as Spotify for Artists APP, submission tool, and of course the Spotify for artists WEB.

One of Spotify’s many selling points is that they provide managers and labels with a plethora of short videos aimed at helping them promote their artists within the platform. Unfortunately, even with the tools they provide, many artists are left feeling frustrated and in the dark as they realize the amount of time and effort that is required to create and maintain an artist page and to release their music in a way that will reach mass audiences. The problem is not one of useability, but rather scalability.

One of the first steps a new artist needs to take is to develop a streaming strategy. It’s extremely important that streaming strategies are built upon advanced analytical insight into key markets to help predict the best times and locations for artists to release their music. A key part of this strategy includes the establishment of a budget and an experienced team of industry professionals to assist with releases and promotions. To maintain a loyal following, artists need to create and maintain active social media accounts with engaging content to be used for Blogs, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and that’s just the beginning!

We can’t stress this enough – distribution is everything! There are so many different distribution related companies and services out there, making it hard to know which ones you can trust. Sadly, many new artists have been misled by dishonest distributors that promise the world and deliver nothing more than an upload of their song onto the platform, a process any artist could handle by themselves. However, a careful selection of the right team to handle your distribution can leverage your music and position it in the right markets, at the right time, ensuring that your music is actually heard!

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Setting yourself up for success early on by working with the right teams can position your music to reach millions of hungry listeners who are looking for the sound only you know how to create. If you want to compete against artists signed with large labels with 20-30 years of experience in the industry, you have to rank high on streaming platforms and YouTube. This will ensure that you are able to reach established and new fans alike, while earning the type of income that reflects the musical talent you express through your music every time it is played!


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