The story of Keith Flint, the man who inspired an entire “Rave Generation”

keith flint

Yes, the frontman of Prodigy, Kieth Flint has died at 49.

We are sure you agree with us when we say that his wild energy is going to live on for generations to come. Most of us do believe that Liam Howlett creatively brought The Prodigy to life, but Kieth has been the face for The Prodigy.

Kieth took his own life in Essex on Monday. With his energy and vision, Keith along with The Prodigy was able to create a haven for the rave generation, a lifestyle that the ravers could associate and relate to. He was in the truest sense of the word, a “Firestarter”, the man who lit a fire so bright, it will burn through generations of ravers to come.

What made him the rave cum punk genius?

Keith Flint

It was always known that Kieth was a troubled star and that he battled a lot of his own demons, which also manifested in his bold videos. He had a violent father in addition to battling with dyslexia. This led him to be violent, and ‘self-destructive’. To counter his pain, he also got addicted to drugs like coke and pills which he would binge on, to escape his life for temporary solace. One Binge story involved Kieth running naked around his hometown – Braintree, and some others involved Kieth taking pills until he lost consciousness.

Well, this journey is what he channeled in his music in addition to incarnating his videos which were fiery each time. It does get better. He went on to marry a Japanese DJ Mayumi Kai after which he settled down with 9 dogs which then led him to say goodbye to drinks and drugs.
This legends journey from violence to a sense of calm is what helped him create incredible music.

To remember him as a person, Kieth was known as one of the most adorable and delightful human beings and when he was on stage, he would fire up every stage and dancefloor with his infectious energy. Apart from creating the music, he loved bike racing and he also ran a pub called ‘The Leather Bottle’ for a few years.

Tributes are flowing for him from throughout the globe. But there is one that saddens us the most. Liam Howlett on hearing about Kieth said –
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, our brother Kieth took his own life over the weekend and I’m shell shocked, fucking angry, confused and heartbroken.”

Kieth was only growing mature with his music and tours. His last tour being in November 2018 with their latest album ‘No Tourists’.

Hence the news of his death saddens us even more, now that he is no more amongst us. He has left us, but his voice will always live on, and there is no one better than him to sum this up – “I’d spent years expressing myself with my body and suddenly I had the chance to express myself with my voice.”

And so, he did, sang and raved with his voice. 

Paridhi Bhatiya


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