Avicii’s Family To Release Posthumous Album Called ‘TIM’

Avicii’s family has confirmed that a posthumous Avicii album called ‘Tim’, will be released later this year.

Suspicious death of youth at DJ Snake’s concert in Hyderabad!

It’s DJ Snake’s Sunburn tour that’s been the centerpiece of all news over the past week.

The Prodigy legend – Keith Flint, dies aged 49

The iconic singer and lead man of arguably the greatest band ever, was found dead at his home this morning.

Ibiza legend and founder of the iconic Pikes Hotel – Tony Pike, dies at 85

You ask any dance music fan in the world what his dream party-destination would be and the immediate response comes – “Ibiza!”. Ibiza got its fame in the early ’70s because of the iconic Pikes Hotel founded by Tony Pikes.

Avicii’s death has caused DJs to acknowledge their mental health struggles

DJ’s are beginning to talk about their mental health struggles and it is about time they do!

7 dead and 5 in coma after taking drugs at a music festival in Vietnam

In a shocking turn of events, 7 people have died and 5 are reported to be in a coma after taking drugs at an EDM festival in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Avicii’s unreleased music was his ‘Best Music in Years,’ claims music executive

On Friday, the whole music industry and the fans were dejected due to the death of Swedish house producer/DJ – Avicii. Tributes started pouring in from those who have worked with or have been inspired by this maestro.

Stereosonic is in trouble & its just been a day

Stereosonic 2015’s first stop in Sydney didn’t go quite as planned after the death of one attendee, as another was hospitalised and several others arrested.

Skrillex’s India tour ends with the death of a fan

Skrillex’s India tour may have been the maddest and craziest party the country has seen in a while, and it was going great all the way until the final curtain call. Skrillex’s final show in Gurgaon, India was so packed it led to the death of Anchal Arora, a 23 year old female attendee.

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