5 Awakenings showcases we loved at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018!

Awakenings showcases at ADE 2018

Amsterdam Dance Event is the melting pot of all music genres, cultures and a lot more!

For five days every year, music enthusiasts from around the world come together to socialize and discuss music. And of course, to attend the multiple parties that are tastefully curated at venues in every nook and corner of the city. Despite the vast number of showcases taking place in the city, one that clearly stands out and still remains a haven for all techno lovers is Awakenings. Apart from the main festival that takes place, they also take over Gashouder for 5 days where they hold multiple showcases with the crème de la crème of the industry. What is even more unique is the fact that these showcases go on for almost 23 hours a day. So yes, it’s the place you want to be at. With so much going on during ADE, we know it will be difficult to catch all the showcases. Hence, to make it easier for you, we list our top 5 which we were absolutely enamored by and in our opinion, you must do your best to attend.

Awakenings ADE Hard Opening night

Kicking off on a hard note with Charlotte De Whitte, I Hate Models, Rebekah and Paula Temple and a lot more, this night set the bar high with amazing music, insane production and kept people dancing throughout the night.

Awakenings x Maceo Plex pres Mosaic

What can we not say about this night! Curated by the one and only Maceo Plex, this showcase explores Maceo’s journey through electronic music on the whole. Known for having very diverse and eclectic acts on the lineup, this one was graced by Young Marco, Floating Points, Ben UFO, Architectural and Helena Hauff.

Awakenings x Klockworks presents Photon

A night curated by none other than the legendary Ben Klock! This one calls for all the fans of industrial techno out there. Also, the beauty of the show lays in the fact that its production is simplistic and minimal. The show is titled photon because the only production that is used are single beams of light. This show is a must attend at least once in your life. You will surely be blown away by the sets, the overall vibe and the magnanimity of Gashouder on the whole.

Awakenings x Joris Voorn & Friends

Joris Voorn, need we say more? Known for being one of the pioneers in the techno scene, one knows that Joris Voorn is one who will ensure you have a great time listening to the music, even if it’s just your first. Bringing along some big names with him such as Sven Vath, Kolsch, Nastia and Slam, this night is the perfect one to get newcomers sucked into the techno vortex.

Awakenings by Day

Boasting of names such as Peggy Gou, Sven Vath, Ame, Rodhad and many more, this showcase is one that doesn’t need much to describe it. The names are big enough to pull you to attend the show. Also, did we mention that this party takes place during the day and stretches out till the next scheduled showcase at night? Well, if you are doing techno parties, you got to do it the awakenings way! It’s always a good time to listen to techno and dance.

These were our picks from all the showcases that took place. Of course, all of them were absolutely amazing, unique in their own ways and incomparable, but we loved these showcases the most! Which ones did you enjoy the most? And which ones are you looking forward to attending next year? Let us know in the comments below!

To know more about Awakenings, click here.

Shivani Murthy


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