New service is here to change the way clubs/festival analyze DJs


Fresh off the shelves at ADE, we’ve got some big news for all you club promoters and owners. Launched on 22nd October 2016, is a new music analytics service and the most powerful statistical tool ever launched for electronic music. Sounds confusing? Well, let us walk you through it.

Every wondered which artist to book for an upcoming gig? How you should position yourself in the market with each new gig? Well if you’re a club owner or promoter who just follows DJ Mag ratings, you may want to turn away just about now. However, for all those booking agencies and clubs out there who would like to, but for some reason never had have enough data to manage and efficiently chart out your yearly roster of artist gigs, is for you.

Register your free beta account here.

What does do? helps you with identifying trends in the music business, you can look for the next big star, discover new artists, labels and venues, track an artist’s career path and much more.

How does do it? analyzes social media, streaming sites, music stores, gig calendars and other relevant music-related channels for more than 37,000 DJs in their database, making it the most comprehensive and reliable statistical service available on the market.

Still confused? Let us clear your doubts…

They currently analyze over 5.6 billion data points (a figure that grows daily) for artists, record labels and music venues, grouping their insights into four distinct segments of LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY and RESPECT, and ranking them accordingly. Charts can be filtered by genre, territory and a range of other sub-divisions, making’s analysis both relevant and flexible. For now, only the Artist analysis is available, but Labels and Venues will follow soon, making a one-stop shop for music professionals in need of an overview of the electronic music ecosystem.

Who’s behind this service?

One of’s founders is Slovenian techno stalwart UMEK!

“I’ve been actively involved in creating the global electronic music scene for more than 20 years, producing music and playing on all continents. Now it’s time for me to start changing the business part too and with Viberate we will rock its very foundation.” is currently in its beta phase and you have the option register and test the product free of charge until 6th of November. After that you’ll have the choice to continue with a free, limited-access account, or upgrade to the premium account for full access.

So hurry up, it’s time to be a part of the change!


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