T.H.E Interview – Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis Interview

The Red EP is a defining project of Lewis’ young career and the most eclectic EP he’s released to date.

Having dabbled in hip-hop production on 2018’s Omni EP, Lewis has continued his evolution as a producer on the Red EP, his most hip-hop-oriented project yet, a sound that will be further explored in subsequent EPs in the color-themed series.

We sit down with Alexander, and speak about the EP, and why he’s moving towards a hip-hop sound.

T.H.E – Hey Alexander! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How have you been?

Alexander Lewis – Good, thanks! Just working on putting together the concepts for the next few projects!

T.H.E – We love your new EP – Red. How did it come about??

Alexander Lewis – Red EP started with Win the War and then was followed by the art concept, and then had the entire project kinda mapped out in my head after that.

T.H.E – Which of the two tracks – “Win The War” & “Soar” was the more challenging to make?

Alexander Lewis – Creating the two songs wasn’t necessarily the challenging part – it was more of the logistics orchestrating the parts for brass and strings and then setting up those sessions to get the live parts recorded – mostly busy work stuff. the creating part was fun 🙂

T.H.E – You recently decided to move towards a more hip-hop oriented direction. What made this transition happen?

Alexander Lewis – I think having such a heavy connection to my jazz roots and how similar it can be to hip-hop made me naturally drawn to the art form. I love making heavy beats so you’re always going to get that from me, but I’m trying to divert from the “build-ups” you so commonly hear in electronic music these days.

T.H.E – The trombone is a big part of almost, all your productions. Why is it so important for you and when did you first play this instrument?

Alexander Lewis – My Grandma was a trombonist, and she was a huge influence on my jazz education so my connection with the horn has more to do with family ties. I’ve been playing the Trombone since middle school.

T.H.E – What can we look forward to this year, from a touring and production point of view?

Alexander Lewis – Red EP is the first project of many that I hope to release before the year’s end. I hope to release 2 more projects before the end of 2019. I’m taking some time away from touring to build my musical catalog and really focus on creating, and producing for other artists projects.


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