Annissa Murad: A Rising Star with a Passion for Storytelling and Music

annissa murad interview

At the age of just 15, Annissa Murad has already made a significant mark on the music scene with her catchy tracks and heartfelt lyrics.

Her journey into music began with a love for the piano at a young age, spending hours honing her skills on the instrument. “I became OBSESSED with piano! I would literally play for six hours a day, I was seriously in love with the instrument,” she recalled in a recent interview.

Her passion for music further blossomed after attending a Taylor Swift concert, which left her mesmerized and inspired. This led her to explore singing cover songs and taught herself to play the guitar. Eventually, she found her true calling in songwriting, discovering that creating her own music was far more fulfilling than performing covers. “I wrote my first song ‘Dreaming,’ and I was like it’s so much more fun making your own music rather than singing someone else’s music. That’s where I got my first start in songwriting!!” Annissa shared.

Her latest EP, titled “Diary of The Girl Next Door,” is a testament to her storytelling abilities and emotions. Each song in the EP is inspired by diary entries she wrote during a roller-coaster relationship, making the music deeply personal and relatable. “I just really love this EP partly because of what inspired the songs since I feel by giving the fans songs so close to the actual diary entries I had written, I feel so much closer to them,” Annissa said. Through her music, she hopes to connect with her fans on a deeper level, allowing them to find comfort in shared emotions.

The creation of the EP was a heartwarming and memorable experience for Annissa. She recorded the songs during her Christmas holidays, setting up a home studio in the corner of her bedroom with the help of her producer in Nashville. “It was such a fun and cozy process,” she said, and the end result was something she was incredibly proud of.

In a surprise collaboration with her lifelong friend “5:47,” Annissa has been working on a special project for her fans. The two have a close bond dating back to their early childhood, and their shared passion for music led them to create something truly unique. While Annissa couldn’t reveal the details of the collaboration just yet, she expressed excitement about the fans hearing it soon.

What sets Annissa’s music apart is her storytelling and lyrics. Growing up, she had a passion for creating stories, whether written or in video form. “For each song I released, I also scripted a mini-movie in regards to the storyline which is in my YouTube challenge,” she shared. Her music resonates with her fans on a deeper level due to the personal touch she adds to each song.

Living in London has also had a profound influence on Annissa’s music. The city’s magical energy has a way of aligning stars and adding unique elements to her songs. She shared an anecdote about finding the perfect prop for her music video during a spontaneous trip to a shop in Notting Hill.

Social media has played a crucial role in Annissa’s journey as an artist, helping her build a fanbase and share her music with the world. She expressed immense gratitude for the platform she has created to showcase her talent.

As a young artist, Annissa faces challenges in navigating the music industry, but she sees them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Her advice to other aspiring musicians is to embrace difficulties as they indicate progress and development.

Looking to the future, Annissa is excited to continue growing and evolving as an artist. She hopes to achieve specific goals, such as making films for her songs, in the coming years. Her upcoming project includes piano versions of her EP songs, a project that holds great significance for her.

With her passion for storytelling and music, Annissa Murad is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for. Her heartfelt lyrics and relatable music connect with fans on a deeper level, making her a standout talent in the music industry. As she continues to follow her passion and hone her craft, there’s no doubt that her journey will lead to even greater heights in the world of music.


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