T.H.E Interview – ASCO

asco interview

Italian DJ/producer ASCO has proven to be one of the most exciting rising talents on the circuit, championing a Future Rave hybrid sound that’s seen him gain attention from the industry’s leading imprints and artists.

Returning to the forefront of the release radar, ASCO linked up with fan-turned-collaborator SoNick for their mammoth single “Distraction”.

We caught up with ASCO to learn about how “Distraction” came about, what he expects from demo submissions and more.

Aditya – Hey ASCO! Glad to have you for the interview. How’s 2021 been for you so far?

ASCO – Hey everyone! 2021 has been a blast! Even though we couldn’t travel a lot for gigs, it’s been a very prolific year for my music!

Aditya – I’m listening to your latest work with SoNick, it’s an absolute banger! I’d like to know more about this collaboration.

ASCO – I received the first demo of ‘Distraction’ by SoNick on Instagram for a collaboration proposal. The moment I heard it I fell in love with the piece, SoNick sent me the original stems, I added my touch to the release and closed it! I actually did not let him know much about the changes I was making, he heard the final version only when I played it during one of my livestreams! He was really excited about it!

Aditya – What’s your creative process like? How and what do you begin with?

ASCO – I usually need inspiration for a project. I get a lot of inspiration when I’m actually not in the studio but while doing simple stuff like driving or traveling. My most successful tracks have been created at airports or in the car. I can get an idea for a vocal, or a bassline or lead. I simply start from what inspiration brings me.

Aditya – You have a bank of releases! Which is your favorite and why?

ASCO – Tough question! I think ‘Fuga’ is the one I like most at the moment.

Aditya – Being a label owner, what do you look for in the demos?

ASCO – Demos need to be unique and at the same time they should fit the label’s sound.

Aditya – What’s the best way to approach a record label?

ASCO – You should look for the A&Rs of a label and send them the right music. What I mean by right music is music related to the label genre. Do your research! Do not send stuff that you already know the label won’t release.

Aditya – Congratulations on securing the #73 position at the 1001Tracklist Top 101 Producers! How do you feel about achieving that?

ASCO – Incredible, I really could not believe it! When you work hard it’s always rewarding receiving this type of news. You understand that everything you do is really being appreciated by djs and fans and that’s the best news an artist can get!

Aditya – How long have you been producing for, and which DAW do you use now?

ASCO – I started producing when I was 16. I used all DAWs from FL, to Cubase to Logic but when I discovered Ableton it was love at first sight so now all of my productions are made through this software.

Aditya – 3 tips for producers who are just starting off?

ASCO – 1. Find your identity and your unique sound. This will differentiate your music from the masses.
2. Set yourself achievable goals, step by step make them bigger.
3. Connections! Make as many DJ/ producer friends as you can and support each other!

Aditya – Lastly, what are your plans for 2022?

ASCO – I’m working on a lot of projects for 2022. I have a lot of releases planned but the best is actually a concert that I’m organizing for July in Italy. I hope I will be able to give more news about it soon!

At the same time I want to work really hard on my label and support some young talented producers that I’ve found.


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