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decco interview

In just three years, the Swedish/Austrian duo Decco has become in-demand producers and remixers for leading artists such as Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, and John Legend, while also taking big steps with their own releases. Consisting of Joacim Persson and Sebastian Arman, Decco has already exceeded a career total of 150 million streams.

Decco now follows last year’s Alex Clare collab ‘Crazy To Love You’ by sharing ‘I Didn’t Know’, which features James Gillespie.

We caught up with the duo to discuss how this single came about.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How’s it going for you with the lockdown and everything?

Decco – Thanks for having us guys!

I have to say that things are pretty good with us despite the lockdown.

We were in Berlin two weeks ago which was the first traveling we made since escaping LA in mid March right in the start of the pandemic.

We have also had so many productions and songs to finish up so it’s almost been good having a break from traveling.

T.H.E – Love your new single – I Didn’t Know. How did it come about?

Thanks, happy you feel it!

Decco – We wrote this song in London together with James Gillespie in late autumn last year. We started off from a little cool hook idea “I didn’t know didn’t know didn’t know“ that we had been singing on for some time. Two days later the song was written and recorded,

T.H.E – Which artists did you look up to, for inspiration whilst creating this track?

Decco – We didn’t really have a clear inspirational artist in mind with this track. But of course, there are so many artists giving us inspiration like James Blake, The Verve, Chet Faker, Kanye West to name a few.

T.H.E – How was it working with James Gillespie on this track?

Decco – It is awesome working with James!
He has so much energy and he is really fun to be around. So it was pure joy with a great result.

T.H.E – Talk to us a bit about how did you guys get together. How has the journey been like?

Decco – I and Sebastian met in Sweden through a mutual friend around five years ago.

I was living in LA at the time and was only in Sweden visiting. A few months later Sebastian came to LA and we started writing some songs together, this developed into a closer working relationship and we started Decco.

T.H.E – What have been your biggest moments so far?

Decco – Apart from our Decco moments, we are writing a lot of songs with and for other artists as well. Such as Clueso, Alle Farben, Gashi, Zara Larsson, etc. It’s been working great with a lot of radio top 5 hits coming out lately.

T.H.E – What does the rest of 2020 look like for you?

Decco – We are really hoping that “I didn’t know” will become a strong follow up to our last single ”Crazy to Love you” with Alex Clare.

Hopefully, we’ll release yet another single before the end of the year too.


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