iFeature: Behind The Beats Of “Told Myself”

ifeature told myself

When you hear the unmistakable blend of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop/Rap, and Rock Pop in iFeature’s “Told Myself”, you’re listening to the echoes of a diverse musical childhood.

“I heard a lot of different genres as a kid. My brain mixes all these genres together; that’s how I work in music,” he shares.

But the journey from inspiration to a finished track is no easy feat, especially for an artist as hands-on as iFeature. He doesn’t just dwell in the creative realm of music making; he dives deep into its promotion. Though, as he admits, “Promotion is the hardest… I’d love to focus only on being creative in music. But without promotion, who would listen? Except my true hardcore fans, of course!”

In “Told Myself”, the potent, introspective lyrics mirror profound personal experiences. He reveals, “A friend of mine passed away when he was 23. I wanted to help him, but it was too late. This track describes that.”

And while some may argue that music is all about the technicalities, for iFeature, it’s more about the feel. With a BPM of 174 and set in the key of C Minor, the track undeniably evokes a plethora of emotions. However, as he states, “I trust my feelings more because there are no rules in music.”

His hands-on approach to the track wasn’t limited to just the audio. When asked about the music video for “Told Myself”, iFeature teases, “The storyline gives a nostalgic feeling from start to end, with some cool 3D shots, and many of my friends joining in.”

iFeature’s fearless exploration of genres leads us to ponder about his future endeavors. To which he confidently replies, “I’m never scared of doing something new. I’m an optimist.”

Planning, focus, and hard work have always been the linchpins of iFeature’s creative process, allowing him to remain true to his vision, irrespective of the stage of production. “I plan everything carefully so that the story remains unaltered. It has to feel right,” he emphasizes.

The journey of an artist is not always paved with constant adulation; critique and feedback often accompany their work. But for iFeature, it’s all about the bigger picture. “I really love feedback. Depending on what you draw out of it, it can help improve your career. But, I will never give up!”

His advice for budding artists speaks volumes about his journey, “Don’t think too much about branding first. The music counts. I’ve produced over 600 tracks, and only 120+ are released so far. You need mental strength, and never forget to have fun.”

As for what’s next after “Told Myself”, fans are in for a treat. “Expect a lot of music I’m working hard on and perfecting,” he hints, urging followers to keep up with updates on his Community Discord and Instagram.

Undoubtedly, iFeature’s future looks as bright and multifaceted as the genres he loves to blend.


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