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18 year old Norwegian producer Alan Walker entered the music scene in 2014, with the melodic electro house track ”Fade”. What started as a kid’s journey into the digital world, driven by a desire to create and explore, has developed into one of the most exciting producers Norway has to offer.

We caught up with Alan and spoke to him about his upcoming India debut performance at the Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016 and plenty more! Have a read. :)

Khushrav – Hey Alan! How’s it going?

Alan – Hey! Everything is going great, thank you.

Khushrav – Not a lot of people know this, but you started off as DJ Walkzz. How did you come about that name and why did you change it?

Alan – Yes, that’s right. The name DJ Walkzz felt natural from the beginning, and it was the obvious choice when I initially started to make music. But after a while, my birth name Alan Walker felt like the right choice for me. However, I still produce music as DJ Walkzz as well.

Khushrav – Now let’s get to something which a LOT of people do know about, ‘Faded.’ How did the track come about? Did you ever imagine it would blow up to be such a massive hit?

Alan – The track was originally named “Fade” and it was without vocals. It was released on YouTube through NoCopyrightSounds, and it quickly got a lot of attention. A year later, my management and label came up with the idea of reworking the track, and we added the vocals sung by Iselin Solheim. I was really happy about the result, but never imagined it would become such a massive hit!

Khushrav – What is the story behind the mask getup that you wear?

Alan – By putting on the mask and hoodie, I want to portray the message that anyone and everyone can be a Walker. Everyone can achieve great things, regardless of their original circumstances, their beliefs or their looks.

Khushrav – You recently won an EMA for Best Norwegian Act, how did that feel?

Alan – It felt amazing! I was on the road in Asia when I heard the news. I am lucky to have such dedicated fans all over the world that voted for me!

Khushrav – This is the first time you will be coming to India for this year’s edition of Enchanted Valley Carnival. Excited? What are you looking forward to the most?

Alan – I’m indeed very excited! I am most definitely looking forward to meet my Indian fans, and I also hope that I’ll have time to explore some more of India as well.

Khushrav – Coming to EVC 2016, as a music festival, the concept of EVC is pretty unique. It goes beyond just music with camping and adventure opportunities, thus making it the largest camping festival in India. What are your thoughts about this?

Alan – Original concepts and people thinking outside the box to create a different atmosphere have always inspired me, so I think it’s really cool! Looking forward to be there myself!

Khushrav – Thanks Alan! See you at EVC 2016.

Alan – See you soon! Looking forward to playing at EVC 2016. :)

Catch Alan at Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016! More details here.

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