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With influences including Michael Jackson, Q-Bert and Daft Punk, Askery defies all genres and definition. Rather than limiting himself to just one sound, his clear music vision opens him up to all of them, fueling his growth as a musical producer.

Askery has taken his game up a notch with the release of a blistering new track with Gemma Griffiths, called Headlights.

While fans of the DJ will already be well-acquainted with his trademark suave style of production, new listeners are no less likely to be amazed by the track that’s definitely worth a listen. We caught up with the Swiss DJ/Producer to speak about working with Gemma, and his plans for 2017. Read our chat below!

Cira – You’ve just released your new single “Headlights,” and we love it. Do you feel a sense of relief when a finished product finally gets dropped?

Askery – Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. Yes it’s always a great feeling when it gets out. When you finish a song it’s like giving birth :)

Cira – For this one you got in the studio with vocalist Gemma Griffiths. What did she help bring to the record?

Askery – Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to work in the same room with Gemma. We worked on this track separately via WhatsApp and over emails. She is incredibly talented. When I finished the instrumental of the track, I sent it to her and she came up with the whole topline whithin few days. Gemma brought the whole vocals including the writing of the lyrics.

Cira – Was it a fun tune to make? What originally inspired the vibe of it?

Askery – It was one of my favorite ones to make. I started working on this tune in 2015 when I was in New York for a lot of writing sessions. I remember, I was listening to a lot of drum & bass records so I got a lot inspired by this genre and I think you hear that influence in the track. I really wanted to mix a lot of genres and influences in 1 track including R&B, Drum & Bass, Pop and Electronic Dance Music.

Cira – You’re well known for your melodies and smooth grooves… what did you grow up listening to?

Askery – I come from various musical backgrounds. The 1st genre I grew up listening to was oriental music. My parents love music and they used to listen to traditional oriental music. A few years later, when we moved to Switzerland with my family, I discovered other completely different musical universes such as Pop, Disco, Michael Jackson’s music etc. I was (and I am still) a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

Cira – What would you say you offer the dance music scene as an artist?

Askery – I always try to bring something new in each track. I love mixing genres and try to push the boundaries in every tune. I would say that I try to offer variety and originality in the Dance Music scene.

Cira – Is there a tune out right now that you can’t get enough of?

Askery – It actually depends my mood. But I would say ‘Rooting For You’ by London Grammar. I really can’t get enough of this one. It’s so beautiful.

Cira – The summer is almost here – where can we catch you playing out this summer?

Askery – I am very focus in my studio right now as I am also working on a side project with a friend of mine
where we are composing for film & TV score. Therefore I am doing less shows. I will probably play some gigs in Ibiza but the schedule isn’t confirmed yet. More info soon :)

Cira – Your top 5 tracks of the moment.

Askery –

Cashmere Cat ft. Adriana Grande – Quit

Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs

Flume – Weekend (ft. Moses Sumney)

Louis The Child – World On Fire feat Ashe

ODESZA – Late Night

Cira – What has been your best bit/s of 2017 so far?

Askery – I really like ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris, “Enough” by Flume has a huge sound, I love this one too. ‘Love Incredible’ by Cashmere Cat, ‘Down’ by Marian Hill and many more. Thank you very much for having me! :)

Listen to ‘Headlights’ featuring Gemma Griffiths, here.


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