T.H.E Interview – Kiki Doll

Kiki Doll interview

Returning with another dose of her now trademark Synth Pop, Russian artist Kiki Doll drops her next single ‘City’ on global promo.

We caught up with her, and spoke about how this new single came about, and loads more. Read our chat below!

T.H.E – Hi Kiki! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to, since the start of 2019?

Kiki Doll – At the Beginning of January, I was in Tulum, I enjoyed the music festival. I’m back in London with new fresh views for my music. I thought it would be cool if I try to make a more deep house or techno tracks. So I’m full of energy and ideas, in February I have released two new tracks ‘Be With You’ & ‘Losing Myself Tonight’.

T.H.E – Your new single ‘City’, while sounding fresh retains your trademark synth-pop vibe. How long have you been focusing on this sound? 

Kiki Doll – Oh yes, it’s my favorite sound. Sometimes it seems to me that I was born with this sound in my head.

T.H.E – How long did you work on ‘City’ & were there any particular challenges in the production process? 

Kiki Doll – I’ve been working on the ‘City’ for around seven months. Because making the whole single with your own lyrics, is more difficult than making just an electronic track. As first words are born in my head along with pieces of melody. It torments you at night and sometimes the whole day long. So at the end of the process, I couldn’t choose which option I like more so I left two versions; the original track and a remix.

T.H.E – Any remixes planned for the single? 

Kiki Doll – I made my own remix, haha. I never plan remixes because so many new tracks are coming and I always leave old ones. But maybe with someone, to be honest, I didn’t think about it.

T.H.E – What do you prefer as an artist, collaborations or solo releases, and why?

Kiki Doll – I have a difficult character ..haha.. but currently, I‘m a fan of guys like Tale Of Us, DJ.T, Agoria, Solomun, Blase, BAAL, Artbat.

T.H.E – Are there any Russian artists that heavily inspired you, and you would want to collaborate with them at some point?

Kiki Doll – I left Russia 7 years ago, sure one of the reasons was music. A lot of talented musicians are there, but most can do nothing to break into a big market only some of them succeed and most of these people work for foreign labels or artists, or live outside of Russia. Now I’m talking about electronic music.

T.H.E – Lastly, what can you tell us about your release plans for the rest of 2019?

Kiki Doll – A lot of stuff is coming, my plan is to release 2 or 3 tracks per month, with singles more difficult to predict because it depends on my inner world.


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