Meetch at ADE 2023: Unveiling Creative Processes and Future Aspirations

meetch interview

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere of ADE 2023, Meetch, a burgeoning talent in the electronic music scene, shared his experiences and visions in an exclusive interview.

Meetch’s presence at ADE, a hub of opportunity and creativity, was not just about soaking in the vibe but also about exploring potential paths for his career.

Meetch described ADE as “such an awesome experience,” highlighting the event’s role as a pivotal meeting ground for artists seeking the right connections, labels, and opportunities. “If there was a place that you wanted to meet the right person…this would be the place,” he reflected, emphasizing the immense potential ADE holds for artists like himself.

Discussing his creative process, Meetch revealed that his tracks typically start with the drums, a foundational element that sets the tone for his music. “I always start with the drums,” he explained, delving into how a good drum pattern or bassline is crucial in kickstarting his creative flow. This approach underpins Meetch’s music, characterized by a blend of rhythmic vitality and melodic depth.

While at ADE, Meetch shared exciting news about his upcoming projects. “I have a really, really fun track that’s coming out on a record label,” he teased, keeping details under wraps but palpably excited about the release. He also mentioned a demo he dropped to a significant label, eagerly awaiting a response that could mark a turning point in his career.

Meetch expressed enthusiasm for the evolving trends in electronic music, particularly the integration of live instruments. “Saxophone has been done a lot. Live drums is one of my favorites,” he said, highlighting his affinity for organic musical elements that add a unique texture to electronic compositions.

For budding artists at ADE, Meetch advised leveraging the networking opportunities the event offers. “Message as many people as possible,” he suggested, speaking from personal experience about the benefits of reaching out and making connections in the industry.

Reflecting on his journey, Meetch acknowledged the challenges and time it takes to make a mark in the music industry. “Overnight success takes 10 years,” he mused, affirming his commitment despite the hurdles he’s faced. This persistence is paying off, with recent years being transformative for his career.

Looking ahead, Meetch is excited about an upcoming song fitting the ‘after hours’ vibe, which he wished could have been released during ADE. He is also gearing up for a big Halloween event at Avalon in Los Angeles, a testament to his rising profile in the Californian music scene.

In conclusion, Meetch’s journey is a testament to perseverance and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of electronic music. With new releases on the horizon and a palpable passion for his craft, Meetch is an artist to watch in the coming years.


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