Salvione at ADE 2023: A Fusion of Passion, Persistence, and Tech House Beats

salvione interview

At the bustling hub of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023, Salvione, an artist with a passion for the pulsating rhythms of house music, shared his experiences, insights, and upcoming projects.

Amid the energetic milieu of ADE, Salvione found a unique blend of education, networking, and creative inspiration.

Salvione described ADE as a place “hustling and bustling with energy,” where the industry converges, making it an ideal setting for making meaningful connections. “You just meet so many people in so many different ways,” he reflected, underscoring the event’s significance in bridging online interactions with real-life energy and connection.

A memorable moment for Salvione came when he played a student’s unreleased track at a party, leading to an on-the-spot record deal. “To see his reaction was really memorable, and honestly, it’ll stick out,” Salvione shared, highlighting the serendipitous opportunities that ADE fosters.

Discussing his approach to music production, Salvione emphasized the importance of starting with the kick and the bass, the foundation of house music. “If you get that right, then everything else builds off of that,” he explained, likening it to building a sturdy house of cards.

Salvione noted a shift in his career trajectory after participating in Toolroom Academy, where he honed his unique sound. “It’s more of that funky, groovy dance floor kind of tech house sound,” he said, attributing his distinctive style to his mastery of drum machines and synthesizers.

He also observed a growing trend towards funkier and groovier sounds in the industry, appreciating the increased musicality and rhythmical elements in contemporary tracks. “I think it’s really refreshing,” Salvione added, expressing excitement for the evolving landscape of tech house music.

For aspiring artists at ADE, Salvione advised setting clear goals, whether it’s getting a track signed or improving production skills. “Figure out what your goal is for ADE,” he suggested, encouraging proactive participation in relevant activities and networking events.

Reflecting on his journey, Salvione’s key to success has been perseverance. “Don’t quit,” he urged, sharing his experiences of overcoming rejection and persisting in the face of challenges. “You just keep going and keep pushing, and eventually, things start working out,” he stated, embodying the relentless spirit that defines his journey.

Looking ahead, Salvione is excited about his upcoming series, where he plans to release 30 tracks in 30 days. This ambitious project, set to be accessible through social media, showcases his commitment to pushing creative boundaries and connecting with his audience.

Salvione’s story at ADE 2023 is one of passion meeting persistence, where the power of networking, the importance of foundational elements in music production, and the value of staying true to one’s sound come together to create a compelling narrative in the world of tech house.


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