Sander Wilder at ADE 2023: Harmonizing Creativity and Networking in Electronic Music

sander wilder interview

In the vibrant setting of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Sander Wilder, a rising talent in the electronic music scene, shared his experiences and insights into the world of music production and networking.

Present at one of the industry’s most significant gatherings, Sander Wilder emphasized the multifaceted nature of ADE.

“The mix between having networking sites, the conference side, and the partying side,” as Wilder put it, captures the essence of ADE. He pointed out that ADE offers a complete experience tailored to an individual’s needs and expectations, whether it’s about making connections, learning, or simply enjoying the music.

A memorable moment for Wilder at the event was witnessing an exceptional set from a fellow artist, highlighting the inspiration and excitement that live performances bring. These experiences not only offer enjoyment but also spark creative ideas and collaborations.

On the production front, Wilder announced his latest release, “Into the Abyss,” under Black Hole Records. The track is part of a prestigious label known for its quality music, and according to Wilder, it’s performing quite well, reflecting his growing presence in the electronic music landscape.

When asked about his creative process, Wilder described it as “quite random,” emphasizing that there is no set formula for how his tracks are structured, started, and finished. “It’s based on what ideas we have at that point or what I want to achieve,” he explained. This approach often begins with playing piano riffs on a controller keyboard, experimenting with new ideas, and testing them to see if they develop into something compelling.

Wilder’s journey in music production has evolved over time. Initially focused more on the melody, he has now achieved a better balance between melody, groove, and atmosphere. This evolution in his focus reflects a maturing artist who is continuously refining his sound and approach to music creation.

In conclusion, Sander Wilder’s presence at ADE symbolizes a harmonious blend of networking, creativity, and performance. His experiences and evolving focus in music production are a testament to the dynamic and ever-changing world of electronic music.


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