Movada: From TikTok Triumphs to Dance Floor Domination

movada interview

In the pulsating world of electronic music, the name Movada, also known as Noel Wayne or Ekko City, is quickly becoming synonymous with innovation and rhythm.

With his rendition of Akon’s ‘Bananza (Belly Dancer)’ clocking over 27 million views on TikTok, his musical prowess is evident.

Tracing back Movada’s roots to the University of West London, he revealed, “I studied music production there. Then, I went into making music and sound design for EA Games. But I was always making little dance tunes and cutting up acapellas; I love that.” While he initially ventured into pop production, his fondness for dance music, combined with his skills on instruments like the piano and acoustic guitar, have sculpted his unique soundscape. “I just love music; it doesn’t matter what it is. But I do like to live in that electronic world generally,” he admitted.

Having made a remarkable debut with ‘Stay’ in 2020 under TYM Recordings, his collaborations, especially with DJ Yuki on tracks like ‘Level Up’ and ‘Push It’, amplified his fame. These hits received coveted airtime on platforms such as BBC Radio 1 and became staples on shows like Love Island UK.

His latest sensation, ‘Closer’, with South-London rapper BAMY, encapsulates his appreciation for TikTok’s influence. Speaking about the song, Movada mentioned, “I love what the artists on TikTok are doing these days, and I decided to collaborate with a TikTok rapper. Sharing ideas, opening and sharing new fan communities are important.”

Perfect Havoc’s influence on Movada’s journey has been profound. Recalling their initial meetings, he said, “I first met the guys Adam and Rob at a PH writing camp. Then, in 2021, I made a recreation of ‘Belly Dancer’ by Akon, and Perfect Havoc signed it, which was the start of our journey.” Elaborating on their collaborative nature, he added, “There are times when I send the guys a fully finished track, and then there are times when I send them a clip. It’s nice having feedback early; it means I can adjust and incorporate more ideas from the wider team.”

Movada’s penchant for blending different genres comes from a deep appreciation for a vast array of music. “Having learned the piano and the guitar, I was always interested in a rich array of music. I loved Avicii for that; he had it spot on,” he said, emphasizing his admiration for the late artist’s genre-fusing capabilities.

Among his creations, “High Off Me” holds a distinctive spot. “It was one of my first Movada singles, and the song was born out of pure collaboration. Even now, friends message me to say ‘High Off Me’ is playing in their local gym,” he reminisced.

His debut DJ show at Bestival in 2018 remains a cherished memory. Describing the experience, Movada said, “My debut DJ show was Bestival in 2018 on the Temple Island Stage. That was such an amazing feeling. Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people, my first ever gig.”

Peering into the future, Movada hinted at major collaborations on the horizon. “Well, I’ve got three pretty major collaborations in the pipeline. Watch this space!” he teased.

In a constantly evolving music industry, Movada’s commitment to experimentation and collaboration assures his fans that the best is yet to come.


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