From Garage to Grit: NuBass Reveals the Secrets of His Unique Sound

nubass interview

NuBass, a rising star in the world of bass music, is captivating audiences with his unique blend of dark house, garage, and UK bass influences.

His high-energy underground sound has earned him collaborations with renowned artists like AC Slater and support from industry giants such as Skrillex. In an exclusive interview, NuBass shares insights into his music journey, creative process, and future aspirations.

When asked about his music style, NuBass describes it as “dark house music with inspirations from garage and UK bass.” He adds, “Think of house but higher energy and heavier basslines.” This signature sound sets him apart from the crowd and has gained him a dedicated following.

One of his recent releases, “Magic Carpet,” a collaboration with Michael Sparks, stands out with its fusion of EDM, bass house, and Middle Eastern music elements. NuBass explains, “It’s a big cross between EDM, bass house with a theme of Middle Eastern music running through it – a very different tone to my music generally!”

The success of his tracks like “Knock Knock” has not only earned him widespread recognition but also caught the attention of major artists like Skrillex. NuBass expresses his excitement, stating, “Seeing him play it around the world headlining countless main stages and the reactions from crowds being insane is exactly what you want to strive for.”

NuBass’s approach to music production centers on creating high-energy tracks that resonate with the club and festival audience. He shares, “My background when growing up is from UK House music where drums are so key to the groove and feel – that’s what I always tend to start with. From there it’s a lot of trial and error trying to make unique sounds which are interesting yet catchy to an audience.”

As part of the new wave of bass producers, NuBass attributes his success to his consistent and unique sound. He mentions, “People tend to mention my consistency and unique sound, both of which aren’t completely intentional or controllable but appreciate it nonetheless!” His performances stand out by blending high energy with underground vibes, creating an exciting experience for the crowd.

Currently on a summer tour, NuBass has been leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. He shares his excitement about his experiences in Australia, New Zealand, and his upcoming debut in Japan. NuBass says, “Last night I was in Perth and I have to say that it was probably the best show I’ve ever played! Serious energy from the crowd the whole night and felt a freedom to play whatever in the middle of the crowd with a 360-degree setup.”

Looking ahead, NuBass is focused on growth and seizing new opportunities. He plans to release a debut album in 2024 and continue to push the NuBass project to reach more people.

When asked about advice for aspiring DJs and producers, NuBass emphasizes the importance of authenticity and creativity. He encourages newcomers to develop their own sound and brand image to stand out in today’s competitive music scene.

NuBass’s journey is a testament to the power of staying true to one’s unique style and continually pushing boundaries. With each release, he deepens his mark on the bass music landscape, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he will conquer next.

So, whether you’re dancing to his dark house beats or joining him on a journey through Middle Eastern-inspired tracks, NuBass’s music promises to ignite the dance floor and light up the world of bass music. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to elevate the underground scene with his electrifying sound.


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