T.H.E Interview – Raw Ideology

raw ideology interview

In this exclusive interview, we dive into the world of Electronic music with the talented DJ and Producer, Raw Ideology.

Hailing from the Amazon region in Brazil and now based in Portugal, Raw Ideology shares insights into his unique musical journey, influences, and creative process. Discover the story behind the artist who has graced stages around the globe and explore his distinctive approach to Techno music; join us as we explore the mind and music of Raw Ideology!

T.H.E – Hello Raw Ideology, how are you?

Raw Ideology – Hello! Doing great and thanks for hosting me!

T.H.E – Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your background?

Raw Ideology – I’m originally from the Amazon, north of Brazil from a city called Belém, I grew up being a big nerd, which I still am till this day, I love Sci-Fi culture, comics and videogames since I have any memory as a human being, which most likely was the thing that developed my musical taste, I guess, as I always was curious and enjoyed being surrounded by machines.

I was naturally artistic since I was baby, you can see pictures of me dancing to every possible piece of music and had a love for drawing and loved to create my own comics and stories, a passion I’m still working on right now as student of 3D animation.

I had done some acting and dancing, in the way of getting some main roles at school plays when I was a teenager, haha.

And, of course, as a good Brazillian kid, I enjoyed football and combat sports which I also practice till this day, and helps me in being disciplined and relaxed when comes to be creative, or just life in general. As of today, I have been living in Portugal for 6 years.

T.H.E – When did you first discover your passion for music? Can you walk us through how you were first introduced to music and what your musical journey has been like since?

Raw Ideology – Well, I remember I was about 12 and the place I’m from didn’t have much accessible Electronic music at all, so YouTube was my best friend; I spent nights watching some videos of Carl Cox playing in Space Ibiza and got fascinated by everything and got obsessed.
Then once me and my family travelled to London, so one day I stole my mum’s card and told her I was feeling sick and didn’t want to go out, waited for them to leave and went to the music shop I’ve seen the day before and bought a pair of headphones and mixer of CDJs 400, my mom obviously wanted to kill me but I was forgiven later, haha.

I started to play at several teenager parties in my hometown and decided to go to São Paulo when I turned 18 to study music Production at the university and the journey started there.

T.H.E – Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration?

Raw Ideology – Well, that’s a tough one, because I consume a lot of artistic content and definitely all of them bring several references; influences and inspiration for me, comes in different shapes and even through moments. But when comes to Electronic music I can say Richie Hawtin provided me some strong insights about things, and till today I’m finding hard to find any other artist in the scene bringing me the same amount of joy and insights, that guy did when I was 19 and I saw him playing for the first time.

T.H.E – You’ve had the opportunity to play stages around the world, how do you feel those experiences have impacted your growth as an artist? What influence has performing live had on you?

Raw Ideology – So far, I managed to perform in 10 countries and for an Amazonian kid, that’s some insane thing to think of, looking back to when I started, the only issue is, the stage really gives you a boost that nothing else gives, so you always want more.

T.H.E – If someone was new to your music, which of your tracks would you suggest they listen to in order to get the best introduction to your sound?

Raw Ideology – SciFi: Desires
Melodic: Celestial
Hypnotic: Nanite
Groovy: We Are Still Here

T.H.E – What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Raw Ideology – To be honest, everything’s been a blessing, I’m grateful for what this kind of music brought to my life, from the people I’ve met to the experiences I’ve had.

It’s been amazing to share the stage with cool artists, and to see people dancing to my own tunes is my biggest achievement.

T.H.E – How would you describe your sound and production style?

Raw Ideology – I think the groove is very important as this is Dance music, everything else on top is just extra, but I love sounds and tracks with concrete themes that remind me of movies and make me feel I’m on a specific scene, for example. That’s why I’m finding the actual scene thing now troubling, because lately, I rarely see moody productions, and it feels it’s just everybody trying to see who’s the hardest or fastest, while lacking a theme and soul.

T.H.E – Can you tell us about your process for crafting your live sets? How do you create such memorable and engaging experiences for your audiences?

Raw Ideology – I guess is the typical believe in yourself and your songs, don’t follow trends and do what your mind and heart enjoy, because if you’re really showing love to your things the crowd will come with you.

T.H.E What can fans expect to hear next from Raw Ideology?

Raw Ideology – I had a long studio period cooking some things that I identify myself with and trying to follow my own essence rather than try to aim at labels or people that already have their own things going so, stay tuned!

As we wrap our conversation with Raw Ideology, we thank him for his time and insights that let us learn more about his story, his approach to music, and his passion, creativity, and dedication to his craft. With his signature sound and boundless enthusiasm, Raw Ideology continues to make waves in the Electronic Dance music scene, we eagerly await his upcoming releases and look forward to the exciting musical journey that lies ahead.


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