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Rodg interview

In a world jam-packed with one-hit wonders, extremely consistent producers of dance music have always been sought-after.

And that makes Rodg one of the rare breed. The humble Dutchman is one of the best kept Armada Music secrets, delivering top-notch releases on a regular basis.

Up next on the release front is his brand new album – Fate. Read our chat where Rodg explains how the album came about.

Yamini – Hey Rodg! Welcome to the T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to?

Rodg – I’ve been good thanks! Just did my first US tour what was amazing. And been working on loads of new music, as always 🙂

Yamini – We know you’ve just finished a spectacular U.S. Tour. What’s been the highlight of 2019 for you so far?

Rodg – ASOT Utrecht. I felt super at home and in my element playing the progressive stage there. Great vibe, area was super packed and people totally went for it. Great night!

Yamini – You’ve been one of the most consistent producers in the dance music scene. Is there any surprise element you’ve been hiding in the music you play?

Rodg – Thank you! I always have surprise elements I play out, as I’m always testing new records out on the road. I have two records with samples taken from Queen that I’m playing out now, I see some people their faces were like “huh, is that Queen?”

Yamini – Please tell us the story behind your new, upcoming album ‘Fate’, which is out today. What kind of sounds can the listeners expect from it?

Rodg – “Fate” covers the whole spectrum of music where I see myself while playing shows. So from 122BPM progressive tracks that lean more to techno to 128BPM tracks that lean more to trance and everything in between.

Yamini – Can you tell us your experience collaborating with other artists for the creation of ‘Fate’?

Rodg – I have a record with Matt Fax, on the album and I’m very happy with the outcome of that one. I wanted to work with Matt already for a while, and we’ve tried before but didn’t really got it worked out creatively. Now we managed, very happy with the result.

Yamini – Do you have any favourites in your new album?

Rodg – “Signs” is an instrumental record that’s been doing really well on the dance floor while testing it out. Also, “Our Generation” is a record where my friends we asking: What is that “Our Generation” record!? Usually a good sign.

Yamini – What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Rodg – Do what I’ve done in 2019 so far. Play shows and create more music! Very happy to be playing the first US Statement! Recordings event in New York on June 15th. That’s going to be a great one.

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