T.H.E Interview – Sunrising Records

sunshining records interview

Sunrising Records has emerged as one of the promising Swiss players on the horizon of the global dance scenes.

The new sublabel explores shades of tribalistic tech and house tinged in a slightly 80s electro feel. Sounds that waft throughout sun drenched, summer dazed drum frenzies. Sunrising Records offers the perfect early morning rubdown for discerning crowds. Highly crafted tech tunes, informed by the jackin’ heritage of Chicago warehouses and melodies of Detroit’s ancestry.

The man behind Sunrising records is DJ Istar aka Daniel Bigler. He likes to work dance floors uncompromisingly and churns out quality productions with aplomb. The owner of a wide-ranging vinyl collection of 5000 records and more, Daniel Bigler draws from a vast knowledge in all his musical endeavours. We caught up with Daniel to find out more about the label and their latest releases!

T.H.E – A warm welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials, both! How’s the Summer season going so far?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – Hello! Thanks for the warm welcome, it’s a great pleasure to be a part of your magazine.

T.H.E – Daniel, being the founder of Sunrising Records, when did you first start the label?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – This goes back to 2017. Sunrising Records is my second label. First, I founded Starbrainrecords also in 2017, which was planned as a music label that offers different electronic music styles a place. This is now a drum and bass label. The main label is already Sunrising Records and the sublabel Sunrising Records Underground because there is a lot of hip house and Jackin’ vibes but can also be experimental. Some tracks here were also self-mastered by me with Analog Equipment.

T.H.E – Daniel, how did you come to sign ‘Talking About Jazz’ to the label?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – I was first a fan of Darksidevinyl and loved his music. So, I contacted him as a label, and we were quick to find a good collaboration with a win win situation.

T.H.E – Daniel, what three words would you use to describe the Sunrising Records sound?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – Funky / Soulful / Latin-Afrovibes

T.H.E – Are there plans for any remixes of ‘Talking About Jazz’ to follow?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – So far, no remix has been planned. But is definitely a very good idea with such a good track. Who knows what is still to come, stay tuned!

T.H.E – Daniel, looking ahead & as Sunrising Records continues to build, any other label news you can share with us?

Daniel (Sunrising Records) – Yes, Sunrising Records will continue releasing more good Afro House in the near future, but it also has a place for Tech House, Organic House and other House music styles.

We have new music coming out from our existing artists, there is a Jazzy Soulful Jackin’ House track from Doc Link dropping soon and Sunrising Records is also looking and open for new artists from all over the world.


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