T.H.E Interview – Flux Pavilion


Whether you’re a bass enthusiast or just a fan of dance music, you have come across the name of our “Artist Of The Month” for September. Joshua Steele also known as Flux Pavilion has always tried to push boundaries with his sound. As an artist an album is inevitable. Finally a Flux Pavilion’s debut album is out now, entitled “Tesla”.

We got a chance to talk to Joshua about his upcoming debut artist album, “Tesla” and its world tour. Read our chat below. :)

T.H.E – Hi Joshua, thanks for taking the time out for this interview. How are you and where can we find you currently?

Flux Pavilion – Back in my house in London, getting ready for the big tour!

T.H.E – You will be releasing your debut artist album on September 18. How did you decide that now is the right time for a Flux Pavilion album?

Flux Pavilion – Good question, I’m always writing an ‘album’ in my head and I then I work with the music as I go. Been on a pretty good buzz recently and this album came about!

T.H.E – What was the inspiration behind the creation of “Tesla”?

Flux Pavilion – I wanted to write music that felt right, rather than sounded right. We all get a bit addicted to our own ‘sound’ and I wanted to remove that from the equation and write records that felt like Flux to me.

T.H.E – How long did you take to make this album, from inception to the final product?

Flux Pavilion – 18 glorious months

T.H.E – The title of your album is pretty cool. Please tell us a bit about that. What is the message that you want to give your fans via ‘Tesla’?

Flux Pavilion – Well a Tesla unit is a measurement of Magnetic Flux and Nikolai Tesla is a genius (research him because I can’t write it all here!)…

T.H.E – Artists usually structure their albums around a certain theme or to tell a story, or not. How have you structured/laid out “Tesla” other than the obvious “it’s a dance album” sort of vibe?

Flux Pavilion – This album is all based around a certain feeling. It’s a feeling of disconnecting with reality and become lost in the moment. I wanted every track to invoke that feeling and I didn’t constrict myself to one sound to try to achieve it. I have never danced so much whilst writing a record.

T.H.E – What kind of ‘sound’, production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

Flux Pavilion – Well I don’t have a sound, but I do have an idea, most of the time it’s just loose concept, sometimes as loose as a tempo and a few keywords in my head. Like 118bpm Viking Electro.

T.H.E – We would love to know how some of the collaborations for “Tesla” came about.

Flux Pavilion – Most of the time collaborations come out of mutual love for music. Tom Cane was awesome to write with, we both love music and that’s all you need, so we just sat in a room and talked and made stuff, it was really natural.

T.H.E – If you had to choose, which are your favourite songs from “Tesla” and why!

Flux Pavilion – ‘We Are Creators’ is probably my favourite. It’s unlike everything I have ever written and I’m really proud of the groove.

T.H.E – Does your vision and ideas for coming up with new music get affected by the pressures of time?

Flux Pavilion – Nah not really. Time is normally what depicts the end of the road and the good stuff happens at the start of the road.

T.H.E – You have planned a major tour to promote the album. When do you plan to come to India?<br>

Flux Pavilion – Not sure actually! I came a few years back and it was ace. Hopefully next year!

T.H.E – Here’s a fun question: What is the one thing that you can say about yourself that your fans don’t know about you?

Flux Pavilion – I hate heights.

T.H.E – Lastly, are there any shoutouts you would like to add.

Flux Pavilion – Biggup the Circus Family for now and forever!!

T.H.E – Thanks a ton Joshua. Wish you the very best with your album release and all your future endeavours.

If you still haven’t, grab the album here.