T.H.E Interview – Mahama


The latest release on world-renowned Ultra Records came from the pairing of German melodic house duo Mahama, alongside Sydney-based indie-synth duo Wolf Tide – ’Spoke The Words’.

The official video for ‘Spoke The Words’ is out now.

We got in touch with Benjamin and Marcel, the boys from Mahama to speak to us about working with Wolf Tide, being signed onto Ultra music and more! Read our chat below. :)

T.H.E – How did the pair of you meet and decide to become a duo?

Mahama – We meet up first time when i (Benni) played my first Dj set in a small club at my hometown. We started getting in touch which each other and started to produce tropical and melodical tracks. After a while we booth decided to quit our other projects to get a duo.

T.H.E – How did you end up working with Australian duo Wolf Tide?

Mahama – Marcel showed me a older version of the song „Spoke The Words“ and we made our own version and then we sended it over to Ultra and they enjoyed it and asked Wolf Tide if there is a way to collaborate on this track.

T.H.E – What does it mean to you to be signed to Ultra?

Mahama – It was a pleasure for us to sign a deal with such a big label. After only 1 year of Mahama we made it to one of the biggest Labels in the World.

T.H.E – What is the best party you’ve ever DJ’ed at together?

Mahama – We both loved when we played our first time together at the famous Bootshaus Club in Cologne with Deorro.
But we also loved it to play with members of our booking agency, its always fun!

T.H.E – What is it that draws you to the melodic house sound that you champion?

Mahama – Kygo was a big inspiration for us booth and also guys like Sam Feldt and Matoma brought us in the melodic / tropical area.

T.H.E – Do you play the same kind of music that you produce in your DJ sets?

Mahama – Its about which playtime we have. When we have the peaktime we also get a bit more bass-centric and faster. When we are playing a opening, we play very melodic and soft so that everybody has a nice start in the evening.

T.H.E – What’s next for you both?

Mahama – We will bring out some collaborations with some amazing artist which are very talented! And we also work on some new Mahama original music.


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