T.H.E Interview – Two Can

two can interview

Two Can reflects on 2021, “Unilateral” EP, spending time in Hollywood and more.

Aditya – Hey Myles! Glad to have you for the interview. How’s 2021 been for you so far?

Two Can – Hey guys – thanks for having me! 2021, has been probably the most interesting year of my life so far. It’s been quite difficult I won’t lie, as I’m from Melbourne Australia we have just endured the longest and most strict lockdown in any part of the world tallying up over 265 days in the harshest lockdowns, and on top of that I had to do another 100 days lockdown before I was in Australia when I was in Los Angeles. So Lockdown really has been my existence in the past year..

It hasn’t all been bad though, I have found time for doing things for myself including things like daily physical exercise, meditation, and just having an abundance of time to work on music and better my craft. I have taken up singing lessons in that period because Its something I have always wanted to do, and it was the perfect time to do so, as I had to much free time on my hands.

Aditya – Congratulations on your 2nd EP release! It sounds sublime, could you tell us about the compilation?

Two Can – Thanks guys, it’s really exciting to have it completed and out in the world. I’m so proud of it! I’m really excited to have it finally released. I was prompted to do this EP as I realized it was around 4 years ago I did my last EP continuance. I thought instead of doing 4 singles to close out a record deal I have with Believe Digital, It would be cool to package 4 songs as an EP and brand it that way! The writing started when I was in hotel quarantine actually, I started recording the bass / guitar parts for ‘Feels Brand New’ and it kind of spiralled from that, a bunch of doodling around in lockdown, reaching out to my friends I met in LA to have recording sessions sparked the EP!

Aditya – ‘Unilateral’ amassed over 60M streams, how do you feel about that?

Two Can – It’s pretty surreal, I am really humbled by the support and love everyone has shown on the Two Can project.

Aditya – Could you tell us which is your favourite track in the compilation and why?

Two Can – I find it hard choosing a favorite, as it’s like choosing which child is your favorite, but hey after doing some thought I think Zpace is my favorite from it. It has the influences I’m really inspired by, being indie alt electronica stuff, but I feel like it has a unique edge and the guys at Trace Decay who sung the record absolutely killed it.

Aditya – What’s your creative process like, how do you begin writing songs?

Two Can – Great question. My creative process generally starts with chords, I like to use arrangement tools like Hook Theory to map out the song structure, melodies etc with just a piano and vocals first. I strongly believe if you can get a song sounding beautiful and musical with just a piano and vocals first, then its a good song. If you don’t have the foundations absolutely maximized in its simplest form, when its all produced out, you can’t mask a bad musical piece. To answer the question though, I start out with piano, do all the arrangement and then add instrumentation and drums towards the end once its mapped musically.

Aditya – You have a bank of releases, which is your notable release and why?

Two Can – I think ‘Got Habits’ is a personal favorite. It was my first song I signed to a major label, it was signed to Warner Music Australia, and saw a bunch of commercial success in Australia, going #7 on the spotify charts in Australia etc. That was pretty surreal as I literally made 90% of the song hungover at a friends house hahah.

Aditya – You’ve spent quite some time in Hollywood, how was that?

Two Can – I loved living over in the US. As an introvert, I find being around Americans really easy going. They are so nice, confident, and supportive, being around that mentality really boosts your morale. Im moving back to the US soon, I can not wait to be back!

Aditya – I see that you have rigs of gear, could you tell us about your collection?

Two Can – Absolutely, I have a wall of analog synths including a Korg Minilog, Juno 106, Yamaha DX-7, A prophet 5, an Analog Keys Elektron, and a bunch of outboard gear. I love collecting audio equipment and incorporating the chord progressions I make, and send them into analog gear. I think analog has a tone, that soft synths still can’t replicate.

Aditya – You’ve opened for the pop heavy weights Dua Lipa & Bebe Rexha, how were the shows and how do you feel about that?

Two Can – Honestly its crazy to think. When I opened for Bebe Rexha and Dua, both of them weren’t nearly as monumental as they are now. They were relatively small shows at the infancy of both there careers. Its an insane credit to how talented both of them are, and the success they have seen in the recent years, is really inspiring and makes me proud to call them both a friend.

Aditya – Lastly, what are you looking forward to in 2022?

Two Can – I’m really excited to move back to LA start producing with a bunch of people over there, and get back on the road and start doing some touring. I am in negotiations with some large US agents now, and would love to hit the road mid 2022 do a North American tour. That would be rad.

Thanks so much for having me guys, its been an absolute pleasure <3


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