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xijaro & pitch interview

DJ Duo, XiJaro and Pitch are Chasing Dreams for a Hearing Loss Cure with a Charity Festival from Friday, February 4th at 12:00pm CET to Monday, February 7th at 2:00am.

They have amazing support from the Trance DJ community as can be seen by the amazing line-up they have managed to put together for this online event.

I had a chance to catch up with Pitch (Anthony) and get some more in-depth details around the event and the Norrie Disease Foundation for which this event is raising money.

Elsi – Hi Anthony and welcome to this interview with TME, how have you been?

Pitch – Hi! I’ve been great thanks, I’ve been quite busy with the Chasing Dreams Festival we have coming up this weekend. We have also been working on a bunch of new releases which are coming out soon.

Elsi – You must be working on the final things in preparation of the “Chasing Dreams for Hearing Loss Cure with Charity Festival”, how long have you been working on this?

Pitch – The idea for the festival has existed for quite a while, because we knew after the success of last year’s edition that we would organize another. This time we wanted to incorporate a total concept that would run not only for the festival, but as a more global name for our streams and podcast. We started working on this around August and have been preparing everything since. We managed to finally launch the concept in the beginning of January with a celebratory month of charity streams that is now culminating in this weekend’s Chasing Dreams Festival.

Elsi – What artists, joining this event, are you most excited about?

Pitch – Honestly, I am excited about everyone on the lineup! Some amazing artists have already been guests on the show such as Darren Porter, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andrew Rayel and Alessandra Roncone. When it comes to this weekend’s event, I’m definitely looking forward to Yoshi & Razner’s set because they’re two of our favorite producers from the last year, and for Cor Fijneman and Allen Watts, who might surprise us with a special kind of set that I can’t say any more about ;) Last but not least, of course, Emma Hewitt. I am not usually star struck but… with her I am. She will be doing a special live acoustic performance for the event. We are really thankful to have the support of all these amazing and talented artists.

Elsi – What’s the goal for this fundraiser?

Pitch – To answer simply, it is to support the Norrie Disease Foundation as much as we can. This is a foundation that’s very near to my heart because it’s one that is funding research for the genetic disease that I was born with. I am blind from birth and my hearing is slowly fading away, leaving behind a screeching that never stops. For me it may be too late, but I want to make a difference for the people who come after by helping to find a cure.

We know that the funding is making a serious difference because while we started with one single researcher a few years ago, we now have two teams, in the UK and the US, which are progressing towards the major step of human trials. It’s very rewarding to know where the money we are raising is being sent. I’m on the board of the Norrie Disease Foundation myself, and I have a deciding vote in who the researchers will be who will try and find a cure.

The goal in the end is to raise enough money to continue the research path are on, since per year, we need about £65,000 to continue. Part of these funds come from our fundraising action, which is why we want to help as much as we can.

Elsi – Will you be hosting more Charity events in the future? Possibly in real life once restrictions are lifted?

Pitch – Charity streaming will be an integral part of Chasing Dreams as we go on after this festival, not only for the Norrie Disease Foundation but for other projects that are held dear by our community members. They will, in fact, be able to choose the charities they want us to stream for and every few months we will host a fundraiser event. Of course, it’s a dream to host a Chasing Dreams Festival for charity in real life. This is a bigger effort that requires a professional team and a lot more organization than a digital festival but it is something we are looking to do in the not too distant future.

Elsi – How is 2022 looking for you and Xander (XiJaro) so far?

Pitch – We are very excited about our new single with Clara Yates which will be released on the eleventh of February. There are a lot more productions and remixes coming in the next few months that we can’t wait to share… but they are still in the works!

As far as live gigs, unfortunately a bunch were recently canceled such as ASOT in Utrecht and Tranceformations in Poland. Luckily we can still look forward to Grotesque on the Maassilo in Rotterdam on the 9th of April, and many more which I cannot tell anything about yet! There are quite a few big things to come this spring and summer.

I hope to see you all there on the dance floor, and for the Chasing Dreams Festival this weekend from February 4th-6th! In the meantime stay safe, party on, and keep on chasing dreams.

Fundraiser + Plus Tune In Page: https://tiltify.com/@chasingdreamsfes…/chasing-dreams-2022

XiJaro & Pitch Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xijaroandpitch

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/977261912883648/?ref=newsfeed

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