4B Drops New Single “Haunted”

4b haunted

4B drops new Dim Mak single “Haunted” – a moody Deep House track with upbeat and tubular basslines which contrast with ethereal female vocals.

“Haunted” is a mesmerizing composition that encapsulates a feeling of intrigue. The song features gorgeous vocals juxtaposed with lively and complex basslines. The track navigates through a mysterious atmosphere while maintaining an infectious, upbeat rhythm.

4B, renowned for his signature track “Pop Dat,” which ignited dance floors worldwide upon its release in 2015 and subsequently became a festival anthem, boasting over 9 million plays globally. With a knack for remixes, he’s delivered hits like Fetty Wap’s “My Way,” Ray Volpe’s “Laserbeam,” and Dombresky’s “Utopia.” Embraced by major labels and fellow producers alike, 4B now leads his own label, Maca Records. His musical journey, from crafting beats at school lunch tables in New Jersey to headlining prestigious festivals like Hard Summer and Nocturnal Wonderland, serves as an inspiring testament to his unwavering dedication and medical excellence. Now, he unveils his latest masterpiece, “Haunted,” ready to captivate audiences with its unique blend of sounds and enchanting vibes.

“Haunted” is out October 20th on Dim Mak.


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