Space Ducks Unleash Final Remix Of AFROJACK’s ‘Polkadots’ To Conclude A Remarkable Trilogy

afrojack polkadots space ducks

Space Ducks, the dynamic duo of quack-ified producers, are set to release their highly anticipated remix of the AFROJACK classic ‘Polkadots.’

Serving as the final piece of a remarkable trilogy, this remix follows the successful releases by Sven Fields & Chasner and Truth x Lies. Music enthusiasts can enjoy the Space Ducks remix on all major platforms starting July 14th.

Space Ducks, known for their intergalactic adventures and unique sonic signature, have traversed the galaxies, leaving their sonic imprints on the planets they encountered. Now, they have landed on Earth with a singular mission and goal in mind – to unite the galaxies through a fusion of sounds gathered during their cosmic journey. Press play and allow yourself to be transported into an extraordinary outer space experience!

The trilogy of ‘Polkadots’ remixes has captured the imagination of music lovers worldwide, with each rendition bringing its own distinct flavor and creative interpretation. Space Ducks’ remix is the final missing piece, promising to leave a lasting impression on listeners as they weave their sonic magic into this AFROJACK classic.

Listeners can expect a fusion of ‘otherworldly sounds’, energetic beats, and a captivating atmosphere in Space Ducks’ remix of ‘Polkadots.’ This release represents the culmination of their artistic vision, bringing together diverse elements to create a seamless synergy between the galaxies.

The Space Ducks remix of ‘Polkadots’ will be available for streaming and purchase on all major music platforms, allowing fans to immerse themselves in this cosmic sonic journey. Join Space Ducks as they bridge the gaps between galaxies and redefine the boundaries of music.


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