Israeli Bass Prodigy Whales Reveals Lead Single Off Forthcoming LP, Two Worlds Apart

whales digital demons

Amidst a momentous celebration of his 10-year career journey, Israeli dubstep luminary Whales unveils the lead single from his highly-anticipated LP, Two Worlds Apart.

Throughout the last several years, Whales has diligently honed his distinctive sonic sound, and with his latest production, he tantalizes fervent 5fans with “Digital Demons”, a sublime collaboration with enigmatic singer and songwriter, Saphir.

The exquisite collaboration seamlessly intertwines the cutting-edge allure of new age dubstep with the evocative essence of punk rock’s nostalgic elements. Embracing a kaleidoscope of sonic possibilities, Whales’ forthcoming opus promises a cornucopia of sonically diverse offerings, including remarkable collaborations with the likes of Cure 97, Lusil, Fytch and more. “Digital Demons” is out now and available to stream across all platforms.

Unveiling a word of sonic brilliance, “Digital Demons” enchants listeners from its very first notes. Poignant lyrics and Saphir’s enthralling vocals captivate the senses, commanding immediate attention. Boasting electrifying string riffs and potent percussive elements, the track intertwined the realms of punk rock and electronic music with seamless precision. With an unparalleled fusion of diverse tempos and raw, gritty intensity, “Digital Demons” gratifies every musical craving, harmoniously blending the best elements of both genres. A surge of euphoria engulfs the listener, while the atmospheric bass reverberates throughout the track, ensuring an immersive sonic experience. The collaboration between Whales and Saphir serves as an unexpected revelation , imparting a distinctive and extraordinary auditory journey that carves new pathways within the dubstep genre, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape.

“On my usual routine, I’m always on the lookout for new music and inspiration online. I love how Spotify’s Release Radar suggests songs based on what I’ve liked before, so every Friday, I check for new music. That’s when I came across “Don’t You See” by Saphir. I was blown away that this song, released in 2023, had that amazing nostalgic NU-Metal sound that I adore. I immediately reached out to Saphir, telling her how much I loved the song and expressing my interest in working together on some electronic dance music. Turns out, she had actually been wanting to explore that mix of genres for a while too. We hopped on a call, and before we knew it, we had created “Digital Demons”. Saphir’s brother even recorded some killer guitar parts for the song. We had just 10 days to finish it before my album deadline, but we made it happen! I’m so thrilled to keep discovering new musical realms and collaborate with someone as enthusiastic and open-minded as Saphir. Working together was an absolute blast!.” – WHALES

With the utmost aim of unleashing boundless creativity, Whales’ forthcoming LP serves as an immersive platform, showcasing two distinct musical facets that define his artistry.

With “Digital Demons”, Whales demonstrates an unwavering commitment to transcending the confines of the dubstep genre, continuously captivating his ardent fans, garnering resounding enthusiasm and unyielding support. In tandem with the news, Whales is preparing for his most momentous year thus far, poised to captivate audiences with an array of awe-inspiring performances. Enthralling crowds at renowned festivals including the illustrious Lost Lands and the forthcoming bass extravaganza Bass Canyon later this summer, as well as launching his debut collection of merchandise, Whales continues to solidify his position as a preeminent artist in the bass music scene. As Whales ceaselessly astonishes and shatters the boundaries of dubstep’s potential, his devoted fans wholeheartedly embrace his groundbreaking vision, eagerly anticipating what’s coming next from the shining talent.


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