Andrew Rayel And Tensteps Teams Up For New Single, ‘Let Me Love You’

andrew rayel let me love you

Tensteps and Andrew Rayel come together to present their brand-new Big Room / Psy Trance single ‘Let Me Love You’.

As frequent collaborators, with Tensteps often joining Andrew Rayel on stages across America, this latest release showcases their powerful working relationship, highlighting their individual production talents with a soundscape party-starter in vibes and electrifying in energy. Set for release on Andrew Rayel’s label Find Your Harmony, ‘Let Me Love You’ has no doubt arrived to kick off the musical year with a powerful punch.

Tensteps himself has been carving his own way within Electronic Music over the past few years; in only a short amount of time, he has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting and refreshing talents on the scene. Having released his debut album, ‘Infinite’ at the tail end of last year, the reputation he has already garnered surely serves as striking credit to his distinct skillset and impressive abilities. As he blends elements from across genres, like Trance, Progressive Trance, and Melodic Bass, curating a signature sound that stands out within the dense landscape of the genre, Tensteps continues to project a unique musical voice to his listeners, drawing them in with a sonic identity that appears ever-developing as he finds new and exciting ways to express his creativity.

Now, with Andrew Rayel joining to add his own style into the mix, Tensteps’ release catalogue continues to grow impressively, quickly becoming populated with stellar collaborations as he keeps joining forces with genre VIPs.

When speaking about this new release Tensteps mentions:

‘For me, this was always destined to be a fun festival style track. The vocal has this bouncy feel to it that encouraged this sort of triplet-based, danceable vibe to the production we built around it.’

Featuring the mesmerising vocals of Heleen, a top vocalist within Electronic Music whose previous works have garnered her support from heavyweights like Martin Garrix and Hardwell, ‘Let Me Love You’ delivers an enthralling listening experience from the very first hit. With an uplifting piano line, anthemic beat and mighty-sounding synth lead, the track quickly builds in energy, propelling listeners into an adrenaline-fuelled soundscape detailed with vibrant sonic details and bouncy basslines. The thumping rhythmic elements and catchy hooks will no doubt leave a lasting impact on every listener, persuading them to join the dancefloor as they become energised by the invigorating vibes infused within the track.

Coming as a thrilling collaboration between two exciting talents within Electronic Music, ‘Let Me Love You’ appears unmissable for any genre fan and will no doubt place high on the list of favourites for both Tensteps’ and Andrew Rayel’s followers. ‘Let Me Love You’ is out now via Find Your Harmony and is available to stream and download across platforms.


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