AREA21 ‘Live On Planet Earth’ Now Exclusively Streaming

area21 live on planet earth streaming

AREA21, the renowned duo comprising DJ/producer Martin Garrix and rapper, singer, and producer Maejor, have released their first-ever full live performance, “Live on Planet Earth” on Hulu in the U.S., Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other territories today.

The impressive production of the show brings viewers right into the world of AREA21, with a visual and musical experience like no other.

“Live on Planet Earth” takes viewers on a journey through different lightscapes, with storytelling that is enhanced by transitions and animations. The performances, enhanced by an impressive level of production, pushes the creative boundaries of what can be achieved with live performances.

AREA21 and the band, including Martin Garrix on guitar, perform atop a high floating stage fitted with mirrors on the bottom to give viewers an infinity feeling. With the use of only two squares of light, an infinite number of looks have been created.

In addition to the performance film launch, the accompanying live album features renditions of the songs as performed on the show, allowing fans to relive the experience.

“Live on Planet Earth” is a must-see for AREA21 fans and music lovers who want to experience a live performance like no other. The show’s impressive production values and storytelling make it one of the most unique live performances ever done. Experience “Live on Planet Earth” now on Hulu and get the live album to relive the experience.


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