Biicla Unveils ‘Yes Place’ EP

biicla yes place

International singer-songwriter, and producer, Biicla makes a major return with his second full-length EP “Yes Place”, dropping via Good Luck Have Fun on July 22nd.

Building up to the release with singles such as “Never be Mine” and “I’ll Be There”, the 10-track EP is a showcase of the Russian producer’s creative versatility as he once again flourishes with his genre-blending talent.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Biicla is a creative artist active in Los Angeles and his hometown Moscow. Expressing and exploring various boundaries in music, the global dj has been developing his artistic presence in the dance music scene.

Announcing his arrival with his debut EP, “No Place” in 2020, Biicla’s genre-blending ability has received critical praise from industry taste maskers such as Billboard,, Dancing Astronaut, BBC Radio, and more. Having left a bold and positive mark on the dance music community, the promising young DJ faces great optimism as he continues to fuel momentum in his career.

“For a few years, I have been thinking about where and how to move on. Constant trips alone, a new team, new friends, and endless thoughts in my head, as well as my first performances in America. All of this was like in the movies, and naturally, it affected my music.

The album “No Place” was about finding myself and in 2022 I think I found myself. I just decided to create a light dance album for you that will touch you to the depths of your soul, because it is inspired by the new events and people I have met during this time. I share my fresh look at electronic music with you in this new album. Its full name was: “Yes! I think I found a place”, but I decided to shorten it and leave it to just “Yes Place” as opposed to the last album “No Place”.” – Biicla

A 10-track EP, Yes Place is a full-on display of Biicla’s unique sound and indefinite musical capability. Facing a tremendous positive shift in his life and career, the new EP shows obvious contrast in title with his previous EP, “No Place”.

Previously named “Yes! I think I found a place”, the greater symbolic meaning behind the album is another attraction to be enjoyed by the fans. In the project itself, Biicla delivers a sonically diverse and entertaining project as he delves into different genres while still maintaining and constructing a cohesive and captivating sound. Featuring a wealth of inspiration and features from all over the electronic music spectrum, the combination of dynamic and creative sound design gives the project an original twist.

Immersing listeners in an adventurous dance music playing field, features from artists like Rome in Silver and Kroy are pleasant guests as their stylistic and technical production further decorates the project. Continuing to build an exciting tracklist for his upcoming summer appearances, the original and extensive EP by Biicla is an evident sign of his continuous growth as an artist and an individual.


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