Boris Brejcha Unveils Ethereal Single And Cinematic Music Video For ‘Miracle’ Featuring Leony Ahead Of April Album Release

boris brejcha miracle

The internationally celebrated German DJ and producer, Boris Brejcha is back with a captivating single and coinciding music video ahead of his forthcoming studio project, Level One.

Out February 16th via his label imprint Fckng Serious, ‘Miracle’ ft. Leony & Ginger is a tantalizing sneak peek into Brejcha’s highly anticipated album slated for release in April 2024.

Boris Brejcha, known affectionately as “The Joker” in electronic music circles, follows up the successful releases of album singles such as ‘Space X’, ‘Vienna’, and ‘Dimension’ with his latest audio-visual offering of ‘Miracle’. The powerful new single enlists the rising German singer, songwriter, and TV star Leony, to lend her talented vocals to the project. Leony’s enchanting lyrics pair with Brejcha’s staple “high-tech minimal” sound- resulting in an emotional, yet high-powered production that is sure to enthrall fans around the world.

The accompanying music video is just as immersive as it follows Brejcha and Leony in a dystopian world in which they live through VR headsets. Upon plugging in, the video unveils a tranquil lakeside scene featuring a boy scooping up his newfound pet fish. Following the boy’s journey home and moments of admiration, the narrative seamlessly transitions to Inception-reminiscent shots of Brecha and Leony inside an abandoned electronic factory in Berlin, manipulating reality. The scene transitions to the artists in a black-and-white clearing surrounding a fishbowl, where a parallel universe takes shape. As the boy releases his fish back into the lake, a magical connection occurs, and the fish appears in the parallel universe crafted by the artists, blurring the lines between the mundane and the fantastical.

When discussing the release, Brejcha states, “The single ‘Miracle’ is one highlight from my upcoming album Level One. In ‘Miracle’, I’ve combined two elements that are crucial to me in music production: emotional melodies and driving basslines produced to evoke specific emotions in the listener. I am happy that we found Leony, a talented and modern singer, whose voice adds that special touch to the song.“

Boris Brejcha’s illustrious career is marked by numerous “Top 100 DJs” awards from DJ Mag, sold-out shows worldwide, and chart-topping hits that solidify his status as a pioneering force in electronic music. Recognizable for his Carnival-inspired mask worn consistently during performances, Brejcha’s recorded sets with French streaming channel Cercle and electrifying appearances at festivals like Tomorrowland have amassed over 140 million views on YouTube alone. With over 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners, Boris Brejcha continues to push boundaries with his unique blend of innovation and musical prowess.

In addition to his studio feats, Brejcha’s live performances have been met with resounding success, including a triumphant Fckng Serious Bus Tour in North America. The tour featured stellar performances at iconic venues such as Coachella, Red Rocks Amphitheater, EDC Las Vegas, a sold-out headline show at Grand Park in Los Angeles, Arc Music Festival, and the legendary Palacio de los Reportes in Mexico City.

As anticipation builds for the Level One release, the newest single provides a glimpse into an exuberant collection of tracks that will define the album and the cinematic pairings to follow. Promising to deliver his unmistakable production, paired with the new evolution of the hitmaker’s sound, the seventeen-track album is set to evoke a spectrum of emotions in listeners; whether experienced at his In Concert shows, at home, or his major global festival plays. Out February 16th via Fcking Serious, ‘Miracle’ ft. Leony maintains the project’s momentum with yet another alluring audio-visual electronic music journey from Boris Brejcha.


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