borne Wades Into Uncharted Waters With Genre-Bending 5-Track Bassline EP ‘Deep End’

borne deep end

Montreal-based producer borne has been flying up the ranks in the electronic music scene with a bass-heavy style that fuses organic and synthetic sounds in the realms of UKG, bassline, house, and beyond.

Cementing his status as one of the brightest rising talents, the producer is unleashing his five-track ‘Deep End’ EP on NIGHTMODE. The project serves as an immediate follow-up to his recent label debut with the title track “deep end,” which was showcased on the label’s inaugural ‘WAREHOUSE’ compilation.

The title track sets the course for the project, combining addictive vocals with menacing sound design and deep bass. “deep end” is a moody and murky UKG weapon that mixes waves of nostalgia with a masterful forward-thinking approach. The chilling female vocal injects an icy allure that deepens with the backing. Combining rumbling low-end, growling synths, shuffling drum patterns, eerie pads, and badman vocal chops that descends the track into a hypnotic wave of pure filth. It’s a timeless anthem that expertly mixes beauty and beast for an unmistakable sound.

“DIEDA” doubles down on the dark, entrancing energy of the opener, retaining the overall aesthetic while expanding the sonic palette. The striking Portuguese vocal hook offers a worldly flair and exotic pull. Pulsating saw wave synths drift under the vocals with crisp percussion upping the ante. The drops are a dark and energetic expanse of a guttural low-end, moody chord stabs, rude boy vocals chops, and two-step drums. “DIEDA” offers the perfect contrast of escapist soundscapes and pounding bass that results in a mystical club-ready anthem.

Slowing things down comes the moving collaboration “Don’t Go” alongside Mexico-based producer Alexis B, the once-young dance music prodigy that has since left his mark on progressive house, bounce, bass house and breakbeat. Pensive and reflective keys lay the foundation for a stunning vocal hook. Stuttered drums round out the introduction and prime listeners for the more energetic shift that lies ahead. The first drop infuses incredible vocal bends with airy basslines to create a feeling of weightlessness. The soul-stirring piano brings back the heavier feel before the track ushers in a retooled finale that’s nothing short of mind-bending.

Balancing chilling soundscapes and scorching drops, “Save U” furthers the impact felt throughout the project. The chords are colder than Canadian winters, providing a gripping backing for the impassioned vocal that carries the track forward. Echoed and chopped over the drop, the vocal tones offset the sweat-inducing basslines for a dancefloor-filler.

Serving as the grande finale, “To U” caps off the project with a blistering drum & bass display. Staying true to the sound established throughout ‘deep end,’ the closer mixes moody synths, haunting vocals, and massive drops. By far the most fast-paced and aggressive, the DnB sections erupt with menacing malice, rapid drums, and filthy low-end. The track proceeds to demonstrate the expanse of borne’s talent while expertly continuing the deep thematic direction explored throughout.

With the release of ‘deep end,’ borne establishes himself as one of the year’s clear breakout stars.

“Art is a journey, and sometimes you have to dive headfirst into the deep end to discover the hidden treasures of creativity.”—borne


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