The Chainsmokers drop a surprise single from their upcoming album – ‘The One’ [LISTEN]


The Chainsmokers’ fans are counting days for the release of the duo’s debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ on April 7th. But, the duo surprised its fans by dropping a new single from the album, ‘The One’. This album is expected to have more elements of pop than before.

Interestingly, the duo’s earlier release with Coldplay is also going to be a part of their debut album. As a follow up to ‘Something Just Like This’, ‘ The One’ is quite mellow; it has got a very slow build up and non-dance tune. This brings out the soft and sentimental side of the duo, and it shows that the new album going to portray a wide array of music styles. Stay tuned for the complete album release on April 7th.

Grab a box of tissues and listen to the track below:

Pre-order the album here.

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