CHYL & ZOOTAH Team Up For “Let Go”

chyl let go

Hot on the heels of her Dim Mak debut EP, CHYL partners with Austrian duo ZOOTAH on the fervent Speed House track “Let Go” featuring hard-hitting basslines, jetting synths and an alluring vocal.

“With ‘Let Go’ ZOOTAH and I combined an emotional vocal with a pumping drop, creating a musical experience that makes your heart race.” – CHYL

Time to “Let Go” as CHYL and ZOOTAH transport you into another dimension with this new single. This electrifying Speed House track is a testament to the mesmerizing synergy between these two emerging stars. “Let Go” instantly seizes your attention with its unique blend of fun pop melodies and speaker-shattering basslines. The track expertly engineers cinematic build-ups, escalating tension and anticipation before unleashing euphoric drops that will set your spirit soaring. With “Let Go,” CHYL and ZOOTAH once again demonstrate their creative prowess and their extraordinary ability to redefine the boundaries within the Speed House genre.

“As soon as we discovered CHYL, we knew – we need to get a massive tune done together.” – ZOOTAH


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