Daun Giventi – Memories EP


American producer Daun Giventi is on the up and up, and has once again proved his worth, marching onwards in his relentless rise through the Trance ranks with a brand new 2-track EP showcasing the California-native’s exceptional Progressive style in ‘Echodrome / Memories’.

The EP kicks off with ‘Echodrome’, where Daun Giventi displays a more melodic touch to his productions. The record exhibits Daun’s more emotive sound with big synths which encompass a production full of Daun’s trademark tough bass whilst at the same time incorporating more uplifting tones thanks to sweeping atmospherics and delicate FX.

Listen to it here:

Download it here.

Reverting back to familiar territory for the final track ‘Memories’, Daun’s trademark intricate sound delivers a seamlessly flowing piece of Progressive bliss. Full of Daun’s beloved, uplifting touches and FX additions, ‘Memories’ ties off his return to Enhanced Progressive perfectly.

Daun Giventi arrives back on Enhanced Progressive with a punch in ‘Echodrome / Memories’, and once again shows us all exactly why he’s a producer you simply can’t sleep on.


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