Davide Squillace and Butch release collaborative EP ‘Sancho & Pancho in Wonderland’


The house music giants, Davide Squillace and Butch are carrying their legacy on with some amazing music time and again.

Now, the two have come up with their collaborative EP ‘Sancho & Pancho in Wonderland’, which is out on This And That.

The EP includes two tracks,’Cutso’ and ‘In The Womb’. Cutso is going to be every techno lover’s darling. Impressing one and all with the deep and percussive beats, the track is sure a well crafted piece. With a bit of quirky, trippy bit in the middle, creates a good build-up before the amazing drop kicks in once again. We are sure you’re going to love it and will find it setting fire to all your favorite clubs across the world.

‘In The Womb’ is a much deeper experience of the master craftsmanship of both of them. Reminding one of a lot of tribal-ish elements, it is very up-beat and hold its poise very consistently. Vocals kicking in at regular intervals, adds a different flavor to it altogether. It creates an ambience of solitude and grace, and the outro is quite extended, making one inquisitive.

Davide is fresh from his album on Crosstown Rebels, and also has an impressive record, with music having come out on Moon Harbour, Hot Creations, Minus, Snatch! Records, and SCI+TEC.

Since establishing his music career over a decade ago, Davide’s dynamic sound continues to light up and inspires dance floors, spanning over many continents. Constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music, his sound is an eloquent mix of techno, dance, indie, instrumental and down-tempo beats. 

Few artists flow through genres and emotional landscapes with such ease and fluidity as Butch, challenging preconceptions of the dance-floor and the expected outcome in the process. Boasting an equally impressive back catalogue, Butch has contributed tracks and remixes to imprints suchas Rekids, Cocoon, Rebirth, Saved Records, Defected, and Diynamic.

Both artists are totally on the top lists of every music lover, because of their huge ability to create raw music, and keep it anything but conventional. Their amazing journey so far, sees them play across the globe at major festivals and iconic club venues like Watergate, Fabric and DC10.

We are absolutely certain that you’re going to love this EP, check it out here.

Pavan Kumar


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