Dean Friedman Releases A 20-Track Compilation Titled “The Dean And I”

dean friedman the dean and i

“The Dean And I,” freshly released on January 23 via Darko The Super’s independent label “U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art,” is a collection of Dean Friedman’s originals that were sampled by Darko for “Great White Buffalo.”

This collection demonstrates Friedman’s status as one of America’s greatest songwriters and as an inspiration.

A variety of tracks are based on “Great White Buffalo”, including “Don’t You Ever Dare” and “Are You Ready Yet,” two coming-of-age tales focused on the responsibilities of adulthood and making decisions. In “Rocking Chair (It’s Gonna Be Alright)”, the lyrics affirm that even in bad times, things will always improve.

Dean was approached by Darko on Twitter as a fan of his work. Dean Friedman and Darko The Super had a mutual appreciation for each other’s music, which led to the creation of “McDonald’s Girl,” a 7″ split that was released on April 20, 2020. “McDonald’s Girl” and Darko The Super’s remix was a hypnotic mix filled with sampled Big Macs, thus paving the way for Darko’s signature nonconformity.

Darko states, “It’s easy to see why Dean’s spirited stories of young love and finding oneself resonate so well across generations; they’re timeless.”

You can stream “The Dean And I” via Bandcamp.

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