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dossa & locuzzed playlist

Dossa & Loccuzed are an Austrian drum & bass duo who frequently release under Viper Recordings, having spent several years alongside the label.

They released their debut LP ‘Resonate’ in 2019 on the imprint, and since then they’ve followed suit with a plethora of singles and reworks for the likes of Liquicity and High Tea Music. For 2022 they make a comeback on Viper Recordings, following their addition to the ‘18 Years of Viper’ compilation with the fan favourite “Love Blind” and reintroducing fans to their unique style and a production standard which is second to none.

‘Glow’ is the latest single from Dossa & Locuzzed and their stamp is instantly recognisable. The duo’s instrumental training kicks in and is morphed around a seismic build up; distorted by their sonics, the track’s sounds also sit alongside the vocals of singer Redshift Biedermeier, who adds a harmonic trist to its harder underpinnings. Dossa & Locuzzed aim for the dancefloor with their latest Viper single.

To celebrate, Dossa & Locuzzed have provided us with a ‘Playlist that Glows’, featuring some of their favourite music below. You can also grab a copy and stream their brand new release ‘Glow’ on Viper Recordings here.

Noisia – Scrapped

We’ve been listening to a dj set-rip of this track for quite a while, so we’re really excited this track finally came out.

Noisia has been a major inspiration for both of us, goodbye!

Justin Hawkes – Black Bloc

Mr Hawkes really nailed the writing with this one – the track tells you a story without any words. It’s something very hard to achieve when producing a track.

Furniss – Lalo

This is such a fun tune, it really teases the listener. When we got sent this track, we just couldn’t wait to play it out. A good reminder not to take things too seriously!

Flume – Get U

Flume proves again he’s on top of the production game. The sound design and the way he arranged his track blew us away.

Onipa – Fire (Disclosure Edit)

Disclosure is a big inspiration to our sound. Their tracks are always so classy and it’s just amazing how they made this track work in a house context.

John Carroll Kirby – Rainmaker

The whole Album “Septet” is really sucks the listener in. We’ve nen rinsing this on vibey days in the sun for quite some time now. The fusion of retro-Jazz sounds combined with modern sounds and production techniques is really fascinating as well!

Bonobo, O’Flynn – Otomo

Bonobo always delivers, if you can find it you should check out the sample that was used. It’s amazing how they harmonized the chords around it and put it in a completely different context.

Jack Harlow – State Fair

We’re loving the soulful instrumental and the beat on top of it, it’s got a tremendous amount of groove.

Kendrick Lamar, Summer Walker, Ghostface Killah – Purple Hearts

This album has been on repeat since it came out. There are very interesting sounds happening throughout.

Hans Zimmer – Ripples in the sand

The “Dune” Soundtrack is a lesson in sound design, we’re always getting goosebumps when diving into it.

Take an hour off, put your headphones on and just listen through the journey.

Hannah Helbert


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