EAUXMAR strikes back with another stunner on ‘Overrated’

EAUXMAR Overrated

Still only 19 years old, EAUXMAR has emerged as one of the most exciting new talents in electronic music and has made a formidable signing for STMPD RCRDS. ‘Overrated’ is the latest piece of magic from his fingertips.

“The main vision of the track is the idea of ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’, which means ‘matters of taste are not properly disputable’” he explains about the concept behind this new release. “Today, most of our subjective taste is inevitably being formed by the taste of others, of which their taste has also been influenced by others and the endless rabbit hole starts there. The question is whether to embrace or reject this distorted reality.”

Chunky and thick claps create the backbone of the track, with dulcet female vocals floating in effortlessly. Wobbling synth chords pulse gently in the background. Elasticated bass melody drops in for the heavenly chorus amid a flurry of euphoric 8-bit synth trills. We then drop into a hazy beatless pause that’s coloured with bird song and colourful, filtered synth sounds. The sensual vocal teases as the melodies slowly pull back into focus, everything combining for one more final joyous romp.

A beautiful video will accompany the release of the single, also created with EAUXMAR’s vision in mind.

“In this video, the main character is fighting the temptations of embracing or actually rejecting the state of being influenced by the taste and tries to escape the choice of rejecting or accepting by trying to enter the perfect dimension where creativity and imagination don’t have a limit. Entering this dimension will metaphorically be achieved by using sound. Sound can be a way to travel somewhere that does not exist, that is purely imagined, it’s a surreal idea of wearing a garden.”


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