Bengaluru music fans in rage; Sunburn Festival and DJ Snake respond!

dj snake bengaluru

What was supposed to be the biggest party in the country this year so far, has turned into a nightmare for music fans and the organizers alike! Yes, we’re talking about the much anticipated India tour of DJ Snake hosted by Sunburn Festival.

The artist began his tour on the 21st of March in Mumbai, before heading to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi on the subsequent days. However, things did not go as planned in Bengaluru!

After the concert, it was very evident that Bengaluru was utterly disappointed with Sunburn for putting up a bad show and took to social media to vent their anger. People complained of multiple issues at the venue, like the parking having been set up in an awkward position, leading to congestion on the roads!

The impact of bad traffic management even led to DJ Snake himself getting out of the car and reaching the venue on a bike, riding pillion! Now that’s a first of its kind!

Other reported issues included drinking water running out, which cause many fans to faint at the venue, the bars running out of alcohol and most importantly, the security at the event failing, which caused thousands of people to enter the venue without even spending a rupee! Here’s what DJ Snake and Sunburn Festival had to respond to all the complaints.

Sunburn Festival Bengaluru

DJ Snake Bengaluru

Things got worse when the Delhi gig happening today was rescheduled, which also cause huge disappointment among the fans. Were you at Bengaluru show that evening? Share your experience below!

Pavan Kumar


  1. I came from chennai to the concert, it was my first edm concert, Its not a dj snake fault completely, he dont knows about the traffic and road. Organizer chossen wrong place, no network we struggled to get our band too! I cant even get some water!! Please choose the better place next time!!! Its affecting ‘DJ SNAKE’ name too..

  2. They say “some of the fans” but it everyone. And they also don’t address that each person who attended the concert walked to get to it and worse after it was over walked over 8km to reach the main road. Though I was lucky enough to snag a cab by the 7th kilometre others didn’t leave till around 3-4. It just feels unfair that Sunburn obviously overbooked the venue, didn’t care that there was only one road in and out, didn’t get enough water and the 200ml water bottles cost 50 bucks, basically f**ked up major and just issued an apology and didn’t really suffer any consequences. They got their paycheck and left. I feel us Bangloreans need to sign a petition to never let sunburn host here again and push artist to utilise local organisers like Tao Entertainment etc. and even though they might not have the funds to host an event as big as sunburn atleast they’ll put up a good show. At this point Bangalore doesn’t trust Sunburn because they screwed up two events in a row but we do trust the local organisers who put up amazing shows for us every other week. Give them a chance.


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