FEED ME releases second single from upcoming album, “Sleepless”

FEED ME sleepless

FEED ME has released his second single “Sleepless” off his new album HIGH STREET CREEPS that’s due out February 22 on mau5trap.

The track is an electro banger that uses FEED ME’s hard-hitting, uniquely distinguishable sound.

HIGH STREET CREEPS-a namesake taken from the notorious 1980s Hertfordshire pheasant poaching ring–marks FEED ME’s second full studio album, following his 2013 debut Calamari Tuesday.

Following up his debut with a string of FEED ME singles and EP’s, as well as a debut album for his alias Spor in 2015, HIGH STREET CREEPS marks the producer’s sophomore full-length project. This album-which features 10 tracks that span a variety of production styles, some of which differ from what he’s delivered in the past–marks FEED ME’s ninth overall release on mau5trap.

“Sleepless” is the follow up to the album’s first single “Feel Love” feat. Rosie Doonan.


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